Father. Sales, marketing and web geek who is open minded and eager to learn to develop both personally and professionally.

Favorite Work:WordPress & Social Media
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I am a dynamic entrepreneur who made it my life's mission to make an impact by helping brands and business thrive offline and online. My expertise spans multiple disciplines including business development, e-commerce, software development and social media marketing. I have visions and reimagines business challenges and creates innovative solutions that will make your business succeed.

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2010 - present

Capsis Media Group

CEO, Developer, Administrator

Passionate about constantly exploring the possibilities of maximizing online websites and social media for businesses and brands. I am the leader of innovation at Capsis Media Group. I spearhead numerous marketing and branding initiatives for our company’s diverse clientele comprising of traditional businesses, online entrepreneurs and local and international brands.


What are your current and long-term goals for your business? Are you ready to increase your brand exposure online, build an online store, or reach your target market through social media? Our creative and business savvy team at Capsis Media Group can help you achieve your goals.

2004 - present

CEO, Blogger

Blogging is one of my fields of expertise and I believe it is one of the best tools to use in creating, building and strengthening loyal relationships with your customers and target audiences. I run to inspire and empower businesses, brands and entrepreneurs to share knowledge online and increase brand awareness, generate more traffic and thrive professionally and financially through blogging.


Are you passionate about blogging? My personal blog is my home online which I open to visitors and clients so they discover new knowledge, get online business tips, and explore my life in China and Sweden. I can guide you in navigating the blogosphere whether you are just getting started, you want to expand your reach or your need to venture out and connect your blog to your social media sites. Let’s make your joinery navigable, enjoyable and profitable!


Visit WeBlogBetter, CapsisMedia Company blog and my personal blog.

2004 - present

SA Mobler AB

Sales & Purchase Manager

Working mainly with sales in Asia together with our sales company Rui Tong (Shanghai) Furniture Co., Ltd.

2014 - present

Rui Tong (Shanghai) Furniture Co., Ltd

Legal Representative

Rui Tong is a wholly owned foreign enterprise registered in Shanghai and is the sales company for SA Mobler AB in Asia.


2000 - 2001

Karlstad University

Macro and Micro Economics, Quantitative Methods in Economics

Macro economics; the course analyzes the basics of economic prosperity. Micro economics; Deals with consumption, production, and general equilibrium theory using analytical methods. Quantitative Methods in Economics; consists of mathematics and statistics modules. The contents of both modules focus on the parts that are most used in economics as well as the practical skills to solve problems.

2001 - 2004

University of Skovde

Bachelor of Industrial management and logistics

Industrial management and logistics integrates knowledge from business administration, production and information technology, in order to create a holistic view of industrial activity. The program provides a holistic view of the processes that get companies to work smart and smooth. The training teaches how customers get the right product in the right quantity , at the right place at the right time and at the lowest cost.

Extra Courses

Principles of Web Graphics Design Score 4.25 (out of 5).

The Basics of WordPress Score 4.65 (out of 5).

Introduction to Chinese Business Culture

Shanghai. A 12 hours crash-course
Sales Pros

Sales Pros

Florida Home Improvements

Florida Home Improvements

Elephant Bargain

Elephant Bargain

Monster B Gone

Monster B Gone

Capsis Media

Capsis Media



WebSpark Presentation

WebSpark Presentation


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Alex from Ireland

Testimonial related to work for Capsis Media

Within my budget, on time and always answers emails with my questions. I loved working with Capsis and will definitely refer them to my friends and family.”

Melissa from New York

Testimonial related to work for Capsis Media

Over a year ago I was looking for a website developer to create a unique website for our small business. A friend referred me to Capsis Media because of their great customer service. They were able to meet my budget and deliver a website far beyond what we expected. I will remain a client of Capsis for years to come.”

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Address501 Yincheng Middle Rd, Shanghai
Phone+86 1822 105 8406

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The numerous challenges that brands and businesses face on a daily basis are tough no matter if it’s offline or online, but every goal is achievable with the right partnership.

My commitment to my clients’ success is apparent in each project I work on. If you decide to collaborate with me and CapsisMedia, we will exert our energy to the success of your business development, marketing, branding and sales efforts. Your business will benefit from the multifaceted skills and knowledge that we will utilize to lead you to success.

These are some examples of what we can help you with:

Actor Websites
App Development
Content Creation
Full Service Websites
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Online Branding
Photo Request
Press Releases
Real Estate Agents
Social Media
Website Design
Website Hosting

Reach out to me so we can discuss your needs and create and execute a winning business plan today.