PerOla HammarBorn in Sweden I attended Karlstad University and Skövde College, where I earned my collegiate degrees. After graduating I gained additional work experience in purchasing with SA Mobler AB. Putting my degree to use I travel internationally managing sales and purchasing in countries like China.

In 2007 I started my own business “MerChans” together with my wife. It was a trading and branding agency empowered by e-commerce. Selling to consumers through the online stores I have become a skilled networker and an avid Social Media Marketer and enthusiast. MerChans also made B2B deals where I helped and met other professionals within different fields. MerChans is basically on hiatus since 2010, now I am doing freelance work within web development.

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I also run one blog about blogging, check out www.weblogbetter.com.

I truly believe that meeting people is the key to becoming a happy and successful person in every part of life. My experience with marketing, e-commerce and traveling helped me to broaden my horizons and made me an open-minded person who enjoy every second of experiencing new cultures, countries, and people!

I am creative. I have visions. I execute new ideas as they come and hope to leave a great impact in the world!

LATEST FROM MY BLOG I keep my blog professional but yet personal. I hope you enjoy reading my posts on various topics, everything from business ideas to experiences from my daily life in Shanghai. Remember to check out my other blog also, We Blog Better.

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Some of my recent work Below are examples of work I have done recently, websites, apps and software. Contact me if you would like to receive more work examples from me before you hire me.


Through the years I have made many websites and other graphic related work, follow this link to see some screenshots of my earlier work as well as some animated banners and videos. Newer jobs are above.