Interesting laws in China

I read an article in the newspaper today when I ate breakfast.

The title of the article was Parents suing everybody who lives in the high-rise building.

Unable to find out who threw a yoghurt bottle out of a window, the parents of a 2-year-old girl who was hurt by it sued all 448 suspected homeowners, all residents from the second floor to the 33rd floor.

The court ruled that all tenants must split the compensation and each pay 360 RMB, total 161 280 RMB. The family of the girl spent more than 80 000 RMB on the girl’s treatment.

Recently news about falling objects from tall buildings and hitting passers-by has drawn public attention here in Shanghai but most only get minor injuries and let it go because the difficulties of identifying who is the guilty one.

Under Chinese law victims in this kind of case can be compensated by all users of a building if nobody is found to be responsible.

This I feel is quite interesting. Imagine you are living on the 2nd floor, is it really fair that you have to be part of and pay in cases like this? A yoghurt bottle from the 2nd floor, can it really cause big injuries? Feels like this law is not so well thought-out and punish a lot of people who did nothing wrong.

What is Error 403?

The 403 Forbidden HTTP error happens when the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server does not let the client access the required data.

In simple English, it roughly translates to “You don’t have the required permission to access this”. The server gives this answer when directory listings have been turned off.

The most common reason is that directory browsing is forbidden as most web sites want you to navigate using the URLs in the Web pages for that site.

It is also possible that there is no content in the directory there yet. Until the content is uploaded, anyone trying to access the site could encounter a 403 error.

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