Good Old Twitter Feed Widget

The other day I installed the “Good Old Twitter Feed Widget”. Before I always used another widget for displaying my tweets but the author of that one has stopped updating it so it doesn’t work with Twitter anymore or with the new WordPress versions.

The “Good Old Twitter Feed Widget” is all you need for displaying your tweets in a simple but yet pretty way on your wordpress site.  Do you want my help setting it up on your site? Drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to assist you with it or any other WordPress related issue you are facing.

The following text is borrowed from the author’s website:

Good old Twitter Feed Widget is a free plugin for WordPress, developed by the staff to simplify publishing posts from a Twitter account.

This plugin, once given a Twitter account and the correct Twitter Authentication data (used to access Twitter API 1.1), shows the most recent tweets inside a Sidebar Widget.

The following options are customizable:

  • Widget title
  • Twitter Username
  • Number of tweets shown
  • Show/hide date
  • Optional “Read more” link, using custom text
  • Show/hide links
  • Show/hide replies links (@user)
  • Skip tweets containing certain text
  • UTF-8 coding
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