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Date of birth:WordPress & Social Media
Address:501 Yincheng Middle Rd, Shanghai
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Whatever you need help with online I am the one you should hire, my vast experience in the online field and in more traditional businesses makes me a good partner to work with to achieve success for your business or personal brand online and offline. I am creative. I have visions. I execute new ideas as they come and hope to leave a great impact in the world and on the success of you and your business. Take a look at my blog if you are interested in my daily life in Shanghai and sometimes Sweden. I write about everything in my daily life, from the funny things I encounter outside in Shanghai to the latest updates to PHP 7.0.


2017 - present

1. Capsis Media Group

Web designer, Content Writer, Marketing Consultant, Administrator

Back working at Capsis Media Group! This year I started working again with the brand Capsis Media where I do similar gigs as I have offered for years as a freelancer. I decided to go back to reach the customers and clients who prefer to work with a company instead of just one freelancer as well as being part of a group of talented developers at Capsis.

2014 - present



Running A blog that is all about YOU. My aim is to help YOU become a better blogger. You have probably already started blogging or about to start and you might think that it is easy to create a popular blog or website. It is not easy. Sure, you can set up a new blog on WordPress in 10-30 minutes. That is not that difficult. But getting people to read and engage with you is not so easy.

2015 - present

3. Professional Freelancer

Web development, Graphics Designer, Content Writer

Since June 2015 I been doing various freelance gigs as a side business to my regular jobs, I am doing different web development jobs, graphics, translations and gigs related to social media. I have also been hired for various administration jobs like setting up charts in Excel, proof reading etc.

2014 - present

4. Rui Tong (Shanghai) Furniture Co., Ltd

Legal Representative

Rui Tong is a wholly owned foreign enterprise registered in Shanghai and is the sales company for SA Mobler AB in Asia.

2004 - present

5. SA Mobler AB

Sales & Purchase Manager

Working mainly with sales in Asia together with our sales company Rui Tong (Shanghai) Furniture Co., Ltd.


2001 - 2004

1. University of Skovde

Bachelor of Industrial management and logistics

Industrial management and logistics integrates knowledge from business administration, production and information technology, in order to create a holistic view of industrial activity. The program provides a holistic view of the processes that get companies to work smart and smooth. The training teaches how customers get the right product in the right quantity , at the right place at the right time and at the lowest cost.

2000 - 2001

2. Karlstad University

Macro and Micro Economics, Quantitative Methods in Economics

Macro economics; the course analyzes the basics of economic prosperity. Micro economics; Deals with consumption, production, and general equilibrium theory using analytical methods. Quantitative Methods in Economics; consists of mathematics and statistics modules. The contents of both modules focus on the parts that are most used in economics as well as the practical skills to solve problems.

Extra Courses

1. Introduction to Chinese Business Culture

Shanghai. A 12 hours crash-course

2. The Basics of WordPress Score 4.65 (out of 5).

3. Principles of Web Graphics Design Score 4.25 (out of 5).