They killed my scooter

So this morning it happened. After soon three consecutive years driving my scooter in this city the bad people killed my scooter. They stole the batteries.

I parked it in what I always considered a safe place. Locked with more locks than all of the other scooters and bicycles in the city put together. The battery compartment also very well locked up with extra padlocks and chains. Still they were able to get the batteries out. They obviously just ripped off the plastic cover on top of the battery compartment, not caring one second about destroying either the part they will leave behind or the part they will steal and take away. Cut of the padlocks. Cut the chains.

Like this I don’t understand. Why not just steal the entire scooter? Save my time and theirs.

Today I asked a friend of mine to send some high-quality padlocks from Sweden which I will use to secure my scooter even more after I have repaired it. The locks you buy in China are obviously not good enough, I guess with these generic locks the pathetic thieves just try a bunch of keys and eventually the lock will open.

Nearby from where they stole the batteries from my scooter is a police station. For the lack of anything better to do, I reported the theft to the police. Who knows? Maybe I encountered one of those very ambitious officers who will ask the city for the CCTV tapes and voila, the thief is identified.

However, if I want to ride my scooter again I think it is better to get it repaired tomorrow instead of waiting for the police to call me back with the good news that they found my batteries.

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Decathlon sporting goods

I truly love going to a Decathlon store! Good quality to a very decent price! Me and my two sons have bought a lot of clothes and sporting goods in Decathlon’s stores here in Shanghai. Our favorite is the big one near Zhouhai Road but most are OK since they are all fairly large and stock more or less the same items.

Decathlon started with one store in Lille, France in 1976 and was founded by Michel Leclercq. The brand came to China 2003 and have had a rapid growth here with aproximately 220 stores today. This large amount of stores in China make this the 2nd biggest market for Decathlon after France.

As I see it there are some issues with a brand like Decathlon. Their success greatly contributes to the decline of independent retailers and its spread of its own brands causes difficulties for traditional manufacturers.

I am part of the problem as I am a regular customer in Decathlon, but it is really difficult to resist their competitive price and good quality. However, I am more than willing as well to pay some extra money for brands like Nike, Bauer or New Balance. So for me personally I hope for the success of both independent manufacturers and big chains like Decathlon . I am a loyal customer of both.

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Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren. It is a super nice hotel in the fast developing northern suburb Baoshan. It is about a 30 minutes drive from the city center and actually almost the same when going by metro line 7. The station, Meilan Lake, is just 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

The environment around the hotel is beautiful as it is adjacent to the Lake Malaren Golf Club. This golf course consists of 2 Jack Nicklaus PGA accredited 18-hole courses.

Both the hotel and the golf course are part of the greater Lake Meilan Luodian New North Town development.

In a coming post I will write more in detail about Luodian Town, or the Scandinavian town, a small town with architecture inspired by Sigtuna in Sweden.

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