Oh no, please not a cash less society

So I don’t know what to say really. Sweden is leading the charge towards a cash-less society and everybody worldwide is so impressed by the “progressive” Swedish society. But the thing is, it sounds great in theory but it sucks for real.

Sweden is not only a leader when it comes to becoming the first completly cash-less society, Sweden is also in the lead when it comes to identity theft. And having first-hand experience of the last I can also assure you that the Swedish society does less than nothing to help the ones who are victims of identity theft.

If your “identity got stolen” then it’s difficult to have and trust some of the bank technologies as the risk of losing your money again to the criminals is quite big if it already happened one time. So for a victim of identity theft – cash is king.

About 900 of Sweden’s 1,600 bank branches no longer keep cash on hand or take cash deposits – and many, especially in rural areas, no longer have ATMs. Is this happening in other countries too? Banks doesn’t accept cash. If a bank doesn’t accept cash, then really why do they exist?

After a year in China my online bank had stopped working so today I went to the banks SEB, Handelsbanken & Nordea with cash and an invoice and tried to pay at the so-called cashier. All of them said “no we will not help you” and explained what I have to do to pay it. But after some talking about the reason why I can not pay it online SEB made an exception from the rules and helped me. So my electricity will not be turned off! 🙂

How do the banks work in your country? I have been to several countries in the world and dealt with bank issues and have never ever met a bank abroad who doesn’t accept cash. WAKE UP SWEDEN.

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