Why you should get LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn now has more than 500 million users, but only a relatively tiny fraction of them are taking full advantage of everything that LinkedIn offers, such as its new LinkedIn Premium offering. Whether you are looking to change jobs, give your career a boost, find new clients or hire new employees, there are several important reasons why you should get LinkedIn Premium:

Reason #1: LinkedIn Premium makes it possible to communicate with people not already in your LinkedIn Network

One of the most compelling features of LinkedIn Premium is something known as InMail, functionality that enables you to message people that you do not already know and who are not already in your LinkedIn Network. Thus, say that you are in business development, but are not currently connected to anyone at a company that you’d really like to contact as part of a new business proposal: you could use InMail to message that person directly. Depending on which tier of Premium you are using, you get anywhere from 3 to 30 messages a month as part of this offering.

Reason #2: LinkedIn Premium gives you access to advanced data analytics and tools

If you are a regular user of LinkedIn, you never really know who is viewing your profile. Well, if you sign up for LinkedIn Premium, you get access to a whole new world of data and analytics, including salary information. You can also see who is viewing your profile, and in some cases, you also get real-time insights into how your business outreach efforts are doing.

With the “Sales Navigator Professional” version of LinkedIn Premium, you also get access to enhanced lead building tools, and with the “Recruiter Lite” version of LinkedIn Premium, you get access to automatic candidate tracking and integrated hiring tools. Both of these have the potential to make your business life easier and more streamlined. Once you’ve landed a major client, or hired an important new executive for your team, you’ll realize just how powerful these tools can be.

Reason #3: LinkedIn Premium opens the door to new training opportunities

LinkedIn Premium is particularly powerful because Microsoft is working hard to combine its Lynda.com acquisition (which has now been rebranded as LinkedIn Learning) as part of LinkedIn Premium. This makes it possible to take training and educational courses that simply aren’t available anywhere else. Given the new emphasis in the business world on lifelong learning and up-skilling, this is a valuable new resource.

In many ways, you can think of LinkedIn Premium as a type of exclusive club, with specific product offerings geared to three different “power users” of LinkedIn: people looking for a new job, business development and sales professionals looking for new leads, and recruiters attempting to hire the best and brightest. So if you are thinking about ways to advance your career, it’s definitely worth considering how LinkedIn Premium can be part of that. If you have specific questions about how to optimize your LinkedIn presence and combine it with what you are already doing online, a professional social media agency can provide important feedback and advice.

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Blogging in English For Non-Native Speakers

For many non-native speakers, the very idea of blogging in English might seem to be completely insurmountable. Coming up with unique ideas and concepts for blog posts might be easy, but how can you convey these thoughts and ideas online if you are not fluent in English? Fortunately, there are many different solutions to this issue.

Opt for images, not text

Perhaps the most popular solution is to focus on images and video, and not text. This simplifies matters considerably, because you only need to provide a few basic captions to the images. And, if you opt for video, you might not need to provide any text at all. You could simply embed a link to the video right within your blog.

For example, let’s say that you are a restaurant owner based in Houston, Texas. Your business specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine, and your primary customer base is the city’s Latino community. You are now looking to expand your presence in the city, and that means launching an English-language blog. You could use this blog to showcase examples of menu items with a series of beautiful photos. For each photo, you’d simply include a brief caption of the name of the dish. Or, you could use your blog to introduce visitors to the various members of your team – such as your new celebrity chef or your “employee of the month.”

Use online tools to edit and translate text

Another solution is simply to write in your native language and then use an online tool like Google Translate to translate the most difficult parts into English. This can often produce a working translation that you can then edit with a tool like Grammarly. Or, if you have other team members (or family members) who are fluent in English, you can ask them to review and edit what has already been written or translated.

Another option is to provide two versions of a website blog, one in your native language and one in English. In Europe, for example, it’s quite popular to provide multiple versions of a website for people speaking different languages. There will often be a button that toggles on/off between English and another language (German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.). You could adapt this same solution for your blog.

Use short-form content that’s based around lists

Finally, another option is to limit the type of text-based content that you will be creating for the blog. A blog doesn’t have to be a long, rambling essay. It can just be a “listicle,” which is really just a brief list of items. This is a very popular form of content made popular by sites like BuzzFeed. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you might post a list of “Top places in the city to buy fresh, organic food.” This type of content provides immediate value to the reader, but is easy enough to create without the need to be completely fluent in English.

While it’s possible to set up your own blog and provide content for it on a regular basis, it’s preferable to hire a professional blogging agency or other expert who can help to set up your blog and post content on a regular basis. It really depends on how comfortable you are with your level of English proficiency and how much it matters to your core audience.

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They killed my scooter

So this morning it happened. After soon three consecutive years driving my scooter in this city the bad people killed my scooter. They stole the batteries.

I parked it in what I always considered a safe place. Locked with more locks than all of the other scooters and bicycles in the city put together. The battery compartment also very well locked up with extra padlocks and chains. Still they were able to get the batteries out. They obviously just ripped off the plastic cover on top of the battery compartment, not caring one second about destroying either the part they will leave behind or the part they will steal and take away. Cut of the padlocks. Cut the chains.

Like this I don’t understand. Why not just steal the entire scooter? Save my time and theirs.

Today I asked a friend of mine to send some high-quality padlocks from Sweden which I will use to secure my scooter even more after I have repaired it. The locks you buy in China are obviously not good enough, I guess with these generic locks the pathetic thieves just try a bunch of keys and eventually the lock will open.

Nearby from where they stole the batteries from my scooter is a police station. For the lack of anything better to do, I reported the theft to the police. Who knows? Maybe I encountered one of those very ambitious officers who will ask the city for the CCTV tapes and voila, the thief is identified.

However, if I want to ride my scooter again I think it is better to get it repaired tomorrow instead of waiting for the police to call me back with the good news that they found my batteries.

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