Working and living abroad

It is interesting the way the human mind works. Growing up in a small town in Sweden I always felt like life was so boring and not eventful. Now after being away from my small town for a long time then when coming back I feel so happy and comfortable to be here.

I have been living in Shanghai, China for basically two and half year and yes, every day you can see something new and there is always something happening around you in a city like Shanghai.

However, dealing with authorities and companies in China while trying to get the business up and running has been a huge challenge. The cultural differences between Sweden and China are so much bigger than I ever imagined. My experiences in China has changed me as a person and made me realize that my good ol’ hometown in Sweden isn’t all that bad.

Sure there are many things in Sweden that annoy me on a daily basis like the stupid dream of a no-cash society, the complicated process of getting kids into preschool, the process of getting proper health-care.. But when you don’t need to deal with these type of things and just live your own life, then life in the small town is really quite nice and enjoyable. Perhaps my change of attitude is a sign of me getting old?

I have been back in Sweden for Christmas and New Years for around two weeks but tomorrow I am going back to China again. I will miss life in Sweden but I am sure I will quickly get back into the rhythm of Shanghai life again, however I am already looking forward to coming back to Sweden again in spring and get away from the loudness and crowds in China.

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