A review of Radar.io

Today I published a review of radar.io on my other site www.weblogbetter.com.

Radar is a New York-based tech company, and members of its executive team have experience at companies such as Uber and Foursquare. That gives you an idea of the type of company that could deploy a location platform like Radar to drive future business growth. Big-name clients of Radar already include Chick-fil-A, Warby Parker, Gas Buddy, Raise and Seat Geek.

Radar has been installed on millions of devices and currently processes billions of locations each week. Radar regularly tweets out geographic maps, showing exactly how much data is being sent out each week.

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Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Nestled deep within San Diego, California lies a place where once only a dream dwelled within the minds of two college grads and eventually built into a reality. Two men, Chris Cramer and Matt Rattier, both of which had a dream to provide the people of southern California with some of the best craft brews around as well as a place for friends and family to gather to enjoy those brews in true camaraderie. After much hard work and years of dedication they brought their dream to reality and founded Karl Strauss Brewing Company in 1989 and now continues on as a landmark of craft beer in southern California.

The name chosen for the brewery, of course, is unique in and of itself as it was named after Karl Strauss, a famed brewer for the Pabst Brewing Company starting there in 1939 and ultimately became part of the team that helped formulate the beer recipe and help tremendously improve sales within the company as well as the cousin of Chris Cramer. He went on to receive awards throughout the years including the MBAA Award of Merit in 1981, Award of Honor in 1992, and The Distinguished Lifer Service Award in 2003. After retiring Pabst in 1983 he went on to help both Chris and Matt found the brewery as well as helped many others within the craft beer industry until his death in 2006.

Over the years of brewing, serving and ultimately growing, Karl Strauss Brewing Company has now become one of the largest breweries in the state of California with many branches throughout the state including La Jolla, Sorrento Mesa, Carlsbad, Temecula, Anaheim, Los Angeles and several others. Included in this growth are several events held at their brewery throughout the year that brings everyone together for great fun and delicious brews. One of these events is Collabapalooza where they collaborate with several different brewers locally and independently resulting in many divergent styles of brews ranging from Pale Ales to IPA’s to Saisons and stouts. Other events they host include their annual Oktoberfest, Arts and Amps, and Changing of the Barrels event.

The overall growth has also brought about a growth in the line of beers that are brewed up at the brewery with their year round brews ranging from a crisp pilsner to a hop-filled IPA to a caramelized amber to a dark roasted stout. Beyond the year round brews lies the seasonal selection that encompasses a deliciously malted Oktoberfest, a strong Belgian quadrupel, refreshing IPA, a smooth english summer ale, and a deliciously rich, and yet robust peanut butter cup porter.

When the holidays roll around they brew up special, limited releases that help compromise whatever holiday celebration and weather condition coexist at the time to help provide the best quality of flavors and enjoyment. To help enhance the beer drinking experience even more they brew up special barrel aged and small batch brews as well as do collaborative works of art including a tequila barrel aged imperial pilsner, barrel aged sours, a doppelbock, belgian blonde ale, imperial IPA and much more.

When the brewery isn’t busy brewing up a batch of malty and hoppy goodness they are seeking ways to help their community by helping local artist display their work within the brewery’s tasting room as well as hosting different local bands during the weekend, providing live music to the fellowship of local craft beer lovers. They also seek to help the environment by supporting local non-profit organizations that have goals of helping the environment and the brewery host it’s own annual clean up with the Surfriders Foundation where they go to nearby beaches and clean all lingering trash left by beach goers.

This California destination is definitely one you will not want to miss and regardless of where one may live, make sure you write this one down on your bucket list. Even if craft beer is not your thing, a good visit to this brewery may just completely change your life. Expansion and growth has been exponential over the years and to see where it where lead to next is something any and all craft beer lovers get excited about. Keep your eye on Karl Strauss Brewing Company as you never know when a branch may pop up near you and until then, sip and savor. Cheers!

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How exercise makes you happier and more energetic

Exercise is easily the most underrated preventive medicine in our lives. We constantly seek expensive drugs and treatment for health problems, but we never even think of exercise as a possible solution.

Not surprisingly, as a population, we are quite unhealthy and overweight. Partially thanks to the overabundance of tasty food and mostly due to the lack of physical activity.

So what do we do?

We live unhealthy and inactive lives that lead to health and weight problems. Then we seek medical help to offset these problems to some degree during which time we start living a bit better.

Then, as our health improves, we get back to our old ways and get worse again. And this roller-coaster continues for decades.

However, there is one simple way to drastically improve your health, feel more energetic and positively impact your daily life. That way is exercise.

Exercise provides numerous health benefits for us:

It drastically improves our energy levels and mood

Research has shown that exercise makes us happy and helps ward off depression, anxiety, and stress. It does so by making changes in the part of the brain that regulates anxiety and stress.

Exercise has also been shown to increase the brain’s sensitivity to the hormones norepinephrine and serotonin which are well known as the “happy hormones”.

Not only that, but acutely after exercise, your body is flooded with endorphins that increase your mood and energy levels for hours. There doesn’t appear to be a minimum threshold of exercise intensity for these benefits to manifest themselves. Even a little bit of any sort of exercise done regularly can make a huge difference.

It aids in fat loss and muscle growth

Research suggests that inactivity is a major factor in fat storage and obesity. Mainly, the lack of physical activity negatively impacts your insulin sensitivity (how sensitive your body is to the hormone) and the effects of leptin on your metabolic rate and appetite.

First, exercise improves your insulin sensitivity which means that your body needs to produce less of it to lower blood glucose levels. Chronically elevated levels of insulin often lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Second is exercise’s effect on leptin. This hormone is a key player in the regulation of your metabolic rate and your appetite. Ideally, your body should produce just enough of this hormone and your brain should be sensitive to it. This would lead to sustained weight loss and normal appetite.

Aside from that, exercise also helps your body expend energy which makes it easier for you to achieve a caloric deficit that is needed for weight loss.

As you lose weight, you will notice that your confidence, energy levels, and productivity are going to improve drastically.

Furthermore, exercise also helps grow and strengthen your muscles, as well as bones. Physical activities such as lifting weights (in various forms and setting) or doing interval running combined with an adequate protein intake can stimulate muscle growth.

Even if you are not interested in building a ton of muscle or strength, understand the benefits:

  • Muscle mass is a metabolically costly tissue which means that your body needs extra calories to sustain it. In practical terms, this means that you can eat more food without gaining fat.
  • Stronger bones and more resilient joints decrease your chances of fractures, other types of injuries and the development of osteoporosis later in life.
  • Being stronger allows you to tackle everyday activities with more ease. Groceries don’t feel as heavy, moving furniture is a fun little challenge and you feel more energetic throughout the day.

Aside from that, as people age, they tend to lose quite a bit of muscle mass and bone density. This happens due to a variety of factors such as insufficient protein intake, calcium deficiency and quite notably – lack of physical exercise.

Maintaining the habit of exercise will ensure that you lose less muscle mass as you age which allows you to stay free of disabilities, injuries, and illnesses well into your golden years.

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