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Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

04/28/2017 | All categories, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

I talked to a friend of mine on Skype yesterday. She lives in Los Angeles and for some reason we started discussing Starbucks, we both are coffee addicts and have the habit to drink coffee while doing computer work.. I am a frequent customer of Starbucks wherever I am and especially the past months in […]

Simplify your life and apologies for past mishaps

04/27/2017 | All categories, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

One of the good things about getting old and see the years go past is you have the chance to look back and see where you messed up. For me, during the past years, there are a couple of events I wish I handled differently. I am lately working on repairing some of them to […]

C919 passenger jet

04/24/2017 | All categories, China, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

A few days ago they tested the first made-in-China passenger jet C919 at Pudong Airport here in Shanghai. This is the first large passenger jet made in China and it is expected to make its first flight during the first half of 2017. But let’s see, the maiden flight has already been delayed two times […]

San Jose vs Edmonton, game 6

04/24/2017 | All categories, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

I was so happy because I found a live stream of the game on Youtube yesterday, I never could imagine I would be able to sit in China and watch the NHL playoffs. The stream was working surprisingly well thanks to ExpressVPN. So after getting the third one in the empty Sharks’ net Edmonton advanced […]

Sort of a review of Samsung Galaxy S8

04/23/2017 | All categories, Reviews | by PerOla Hammar

The new Galaxy S8 is a nice looking phone but it is difficult to understand why the price increased USD 100. The phone was released yesterday, April 22nd, and it costs about USD 750. The price is USD 100 more than the iPhone 7 and last year’s Galaxy S7. The larger version of S8 cost […]

Granted and allocated land use rights

04/23/2017 | All categories, China | by PerOla Hammar

Owning land is, as everything else, a bit unclear in China. It doesn’t matter if domestic or foreign owned company, neither one may own land outright; instead they own land use rights. Allocated land use rights or granted land use rights. The easiest way to explain the two types are to compare them with western […]