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109 Delicious Crock Pot Recipes

06/21/2017 | All categories, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

A few days ago I found a post about crock pot recipes on Take a look at the post and get some ideas on how you can avoid hitting the drive-thru too often. I am not very interested in cooking but I am interested in finding ways to make the daily chores like cooking more efficient. […]

Sort of a review of ‘The Founder’

05/16/2017 | All categories, Reviews | by PerOla Hammar

I had been looking forward to watching the movie ‘The Founder’ for a long time but now after I have just finished it I am wondering what I was so excited about? The movie is about Ray Kroc, the man who made McDonald’s global. The title is a bit confusing since Kroc is not actually […]

Stumbled across a nice quote

05/04/2017 | All categories, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

As some of you know I have lately been very focused on self-improvement and trying to take care of mistakes from the past to build a nicer and brighter future. Thanks to the magic of cookies on the computer I saw this quote just now while browsing some work related websites. “Holding on to anger […]

My new daily routine

05/03/2017 | All categories, Work | by PerOla Hammar

Lately, I have written several posts about trying to improve your personality and your life. I am trying to apologize and repair some mistakes from the past. And to avoid making mistakes like those again I am now shaping my life according to what I WANT and not what anybody else tells me it should […]

Its good to know what you are talking about

05/03/2017 | All categories, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

I have never claimed and will never claim that I know everything that I honestly should know, but I am sure I will get on in life quite well anyway. Like I written in previous posts I am lately quite interested in US politics and watch shows like ‘Morning Joe’ regularly on YouTube. The most […]

The Lily Camera

05/02/2017 | All categories, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

Narcissism has risen to a new level in today’s world where things like selfie sticks actually exist. But what if I tell you that selfie sticks aren’t enough? Humans’ can become even more narcissistic thanks to the Lily camera, the selfie drone. It is a quad-copter with a built-in 12-megapixel camera that also shoots 1080p […]