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Good Old Twitter Feed Widget

02/08/2017 | All categories, Work | by PerOla Hammar

The other day I installed the “Good Old Twitter Feed Widget”. Before I always used another widget for displaying my tweets but the author of that one has stopped updating it so it doesn’t work with Twitter anymore or with the new WordPress versions. The “Good Old Twitter Feed Widget” is all you need for […]

Oh no, please not a cash less society

02/02/2017 | All categories, Miscellaneous | by PerOla Hammar

So I don’t know what to say really. Sweden is leading the charge towards a cash-less society and everybody worldwide is so impressed by the “progressive” Swedish society. But the thing is, it sounds great in theory but it sucks for real. Sweden is not only a leader when it comes to becoming the first completly […]

Create Trust In Your Active Sales

02/01/2017 | All categories, Reviews | by PerOla Hammar

Gatis Silakaktiņs is a friend of mine who I got to know while working with the Koala golf brand. Now he has written a book together with Thomas Bothe called “Create Trust In Your Active Sales”. I bought this book early and paid it late (Sorry Gatis) and now I have had the time to […]

Improve Your Sales with Auto Responder Improvements

02/01/2017 | All categories, Work | by PerOla Hammar

In this post I mention some simple ways to improve your marketing and sales with some auto responder tweeks.. 1. Publish free reports to send via your auto responder. The reports should be related to your business or web site & contain info, ads and links to your sites. People love getting freebies. 2. Collect […]

Equity Finance In China

01/23/2017 | All categories, China, Work | by PerOla Hammar

Minimum Investment and Capital Contribution Schedule Minimum Capital Requirements Chinese foreign investment law sets minimum Registered Capital requirements at 30,000 RMB (about US$ 4,000) for LLCs, which include Joint Ventures and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (in practice, higher amounts are generally needed to secure approval), and minimum Registered Capital is RMB 5,000,000 (about US$600,000) for […]