Bad breakfast habits

Back home in Sweden or in China, it doesn’t matter. My breakfast habits are the same. In Sweden, I stop at Frendo (similiar to 7 Eleven) and buy a cappuccino and sandwich on the way to the office. In Shanghai, I stop at Starbucks and buy a cappuccino and skinny blueberry muffin before I get on the metro. Probably neither one is very good.

We all know we should eat a healthy breakfast before leave for work or school but I think most do like me, grab something on the way and eat it while on the move or when you have arrived at your desk.

I am not sure if it is correct but someone told me approximately 3000 calories per day is the suggested daily intake.

Let us count the calories in my standard Starbucks breakfast; Venti Cappucino with skimmed milk is 129 calories, the skinny blueberry muffin is a whopping 264 calories. Total 393 calories.

393 calories intake on the breakfast and that probably would be fine if it was on protein and fiber but I’m quite sure it is going on sugar. Like the nutrition expert say after a Starbucks breakfast like this you will be lacking oomph and be hungry again pretty soon.

So, what to do? What is your best advice for a breakfast on-the-go?

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