No cash at the banks in Sweden

Today I will just write a short post about the surprisingly low quality of the service at Swedish banks. I need to write this down cause I felt so f-ing annoyed today.

A lot of things in China is complicated but personal banking is actually a breeze. So perhaps I am a bit spoiled after soon three years in China?

After visiting the Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg today I needed to stop by SEB and deal with some bank things. First the waiting time was longer than an eternity but finally it was my turn. Since I do not have a valid card for the ATM I asked the cashier to please help me to withdraw some cash from my bank account. He say he can not do this for me. I am at a bank. I am a customer in this bank. I have money in my account. The bank can not help me get the cash out.

Amazing Sweden.

He directed me to another branch of SEB. I started walking there and when I finally arrived I discovered an ugly unprofessional sign saying “Line for cash related business”, so I got in line and waited. And waited. After another 30-40 minutes of waiting it was finally my turn and the cashier at this branch quickly helped me to withdraw my money.

Withdraw a couple of hundred SEK took about two hours.

Amazing Sweden.

What about your country? Do all the banks still handle cash? I bet they do.

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