Changed my site again!

I now feel that I have finally achieved the look and functions on that I have been striving for the past months. It is the Shift CV WordPress theme but highly customized by me, I have removed all of the crazy colors and unnecessary “bling-bling” to get the clean look it has now.

In the process I lost some of my blog posts from 2017 so at the moment there are not so many posts for this year but I think I will be able to restore them soon. The problem is when I exported the posts from my old site I didn’t divide them into several files, so all I have is a huge XML file which always return a time-out error when I try to import it to the new site.

Anyway, step by step everything will be done. Keep checking for more updates.

I am also updating the website, I am keeping the old look but I am transforming it into a WordPress based site. Way more complicated than I thought but it is also slowly going in the right direction! Check it out and let me know what you think.

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