Elva Hsiao: 1087

Elva officially took her place in the Mandarin music scene in 1999 with her self-titled debut album. She has since then released nine albums with the most recent on December 22, 2006. Fans have long-awaited this album.

Elva’s latest is overall a fairly decent album. I find it fun to play in the car with friends and it’s perfect to sing along to. {表白/ Biaobai/ Vindicate} is a catchy track with upbeat sounds. It’s definitely repetitive in all aspects. Be sure to look for the Gwen Stefani influence in the video. {Honey Honey Honey} is a sweet melody co-written and produced by Wang Leehom. {然後/ Ranhou/ Afterwards, L.o.V.e, and Free} are all fast-paced songs that are perfect for a drive into the city on a Friday night. {Free} is the closest you’ll find to rock on the album. When I heard {代言人/ Daiyanren/ Spokeman} I immediately thought of Elva. This track encompasses many of her older styles that we all love. {我的男朋友/ Wo De Nan Pengyou/ My Boyfriend} is another typical Elva song but in comparison to {我的男朋友/ Wo De Nan Pengyou/ My Boyfriend} varies in the pace of the song. It reminds me of {穿越時空遇見你} crossed with another song that I can’t seem to quite think of yet. {我要的世界/ Wo Yao De Shijie/ The World I Want} is a slow ballad that showcases the vocals that Elva is famous for.

1. 表白/ Biaobai/ Vindicate
2. 然後/ Ranhou/ Afterwards
3. Honey Honey Honey
4. 不遠/ Bu Yuan/ Not Distant
5. L.o.V.e.
6. Free
7. 我的男朋友/ Wo De Nan Pengyou/ My Boyfriend
8. 代言人/ Daiyanren/ Spokeman
9. 後來的我們/ Houlai De Women/ After Us
10. 熄燈/ Xideng/ Extinguish the Light
11. You & Me
12. 我要的世界/ Wo Yao De Shijie/ The World I Want