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Elva Hsiao: 1087

01/01/2007, by PerOla Hammar, category All categories, Miscellaneous

Elva officially took her place in the Mandarin music scene in 1999 with her self-titled debut album. She has since then released nine albums with the most recent on December 22, 2006. Fans have long-awaited this album.

Elva’s latest is overall a fairly decent album. I find it fun to play in the car with friends and it’s perfect to sing along to. {表白/ Biaobai/ Vindicate} is a catchy track with upbeat sounds. It’s definitely repetitive in all aspects. Be sure to look for the Gwen Stefani influence in the video. {Honey Honey Honey} is a sweet melody co-written and produced by Wang Leehom. {然後/ Ranhou/ Afterwards, L.o.V.e, and Free} are all fast-paced songs that are perfect for a drive into the city on a Friday night. {Free} is the closest you’ll find to rock on the album. When I heard {代言人/ Daiyanren/ Spokeman} I immediately thought of Elva. This track encompasses many of her older styles that we all love. {我的男朋友/ Wo De Nan Pengyou/ My Boyfriend} is another typical Elva song but in comparison to {我的男朋友/ Wo De Nan Pengyou/ My Boyfriend} varies in the pace of the song. It reminds me of {穿越時空遇見你} crossed with another song that I can’t seem to quite think of yet. {我要的世界/ Wo Yao De Shijie/ The World I Want} is a slow ballad that showcases the vocals that Elva is famous for.

1. 表白/ Biaobai/ Vindicate
2. 然後/ Ranhou/ Afterwards
3. Honey Honey Honey
4. 不遠/ Bu Yuan/ Not Distant
5. L.o.V.e.
6. Free
7. 我的男朋友/ Wo De Nan Pengyou/ My Boyfriend
8. 代言人/ Daiyanren/ Spokeman
9. 後來的我們/ Houlai De Women/ After Us
10. 熄燈/ Xideng/ Extinguish the Light
11. You & Me
12. 我要的世界/ Wo Yao De Shijie/ The World I Want


  1. Tanti |

    Yo, Christine! 🙂 Thanks for the review! I’ve been contemplating whether to buy this one or not. Oh, by the way, are you sure she’s aboriginal Taiwanese? I think the ones who are aboriginal that I know of are A-Mei and Wen Lan (Landy Wen). Elva is the one whom they found via singing competition in Vancouver along with one of the 183Club dudes, I think it’s Jacky.

  2. zhong_zhao_shi |

    haha, you know . . . you’re totally right. i’m not sure what i was thinking when i wrote that. thanks for catching it!

  3. Christine |

    I didn’t like Biao Bai the first time I heard it but it is very infectious. Also finding out that the dancers in it are from my cousin’s dance company helped a bit I guess.

    I don’t know if I should buy this album. The only song I like from Elva is Zui Shouxi De Mosheng Ren.

    By the way, there’s a hidden track: Elva’s version of “Dragostea din tei” (numa numa).

  4. Robert |

    Thank you so much for the review at translated track listing! I’ve been look for it forever!



  5. jaycee |

    elva’s not an aboriginal Taiwanese. Jacky from 183 club was her ex-boyfriend.

  6. ming_the_merciless |

    Am not too fond of the BoA/Gwen Stefani songs but then again, I am not a fan of Gwen Stefani’s stuff. The BEST song in this album is the R&B ballad, Shi Teng (Extinguish Flame), Track #10.

    Honey, Honey, Honey sounds very much like Wang Lee Hom’s Wo Ai Te Chiu Sze Ni (You’re the one I want).

  7. Emily |

    i found her album kinda disappointing. its not a bad album just not an awesome one. its just OK.

    a lot of the songs are just bland and dont show off her vocal talent.
    my fav however has to be ‘honey honey honey’ composed and written for her by leehom

  8. darkey |

    Elva RAWKS but can you pls allow us to download the song instead of asking us to purchase it…i am a kid i dont have money =(

  9. Julia |

    I finally got ahold of this album after a long wait. It’s pretty good, but it’s not the best I’ve heard. I’m probably one of the few that like her new R&B style. My favorite song by far is #10, 熄燈.

  10. Sylvia |

    I personally bought her album. She has changed alot since her last album. I love her tracks Ran Hou & Bu Yuan. Nice(:

  11. Charlie |

    Well,I am new to elva but I must say I will try to get another cd I bought 1087 and she rocks!
    I love it.I would got to taiwan to see her in concert but then again I would also go for penny tai and the lovely fish leong!and I soon will.#9 track is my fav. but to really move is LOVE Oh what the heck I love them all!


  12. June |

    I love elva…very much `.
    i wanna spread my love to you all .`
    so do you want to know about her or see more her performations? email me .

  13. Chin-CHin |

    help me pls!
    I can’t find the lyrics of My BOyfriend!
    where can I find it?