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Jay Chou: Capricorn (Mo Jie Zhuo)

10/25/2008, by PerOla Hammar, category All categories, Miscellaneous

Despite the large number of Mandopop artists releasing albums at this time of the year, despite leaks and illegal downloads, and despite delays, Jay Chou’s new album has sold over a million copies. Why? People probably recall the young singer-songwriter who amazed us all with his fresh music, whether with his debut in 2000 or “Fantasy” in 2001. My question is what happened to him?

It isn’t that I’m not crazy about Jay. In fact, I immediately liked his music as soon as I first heard it. His clean hip-hop astonished me, his R&B left me dying for more, and his Zhongguo Feng was some of the best music I’d ever heard! Even though I only first heard the name “Jay Chou” a little over a year ago, I am most definitely a fan. However, if this album were the first I had heard, I would not feel the same way about him. It wasn’t horrible, certainly better than many of the other albums that will be released this Fall, but I expect much more from Jay! This album was disappointing for me.

1. 龙战骑士/Long Zhan Qi Shi/Dragon-Riding Warrior
If ever song on this album were as good as this one, I would be much happier! It’s a pleasant mix of hip-hop and rock music, in the style of “Huang Jin Jia,” and Jay’s rapping as good as it ought to be. I thoroughly enjoyed this song, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say it’s my favorite out of the whole album. The album cover is also designed to match this song. I have one problem with this song, though. It’s a cookie-cutter Jay Chou song, and if you change the instruments a bit, I’m sure it wouldn’t be that much different from “Blue Storm” from “November’s Chopin.”

2. 给我一首歌的时间/Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian/Give Me Time to Sing This Song
There’s a bit of an R&B twist to this song, but it’s still a love ballad no matter how Jay tries to disguise it. It’s not too bad, but the high parts don’t sound quite right, and he sounds like his voice is going to break. It sounds almost whiny, and the way Jay mumbles it, parts of it sound a bit like bad English. I’m certain parts of this song will go on someone’s list of misheard Jay Chou lyrics. This is one of the two songs Jay wrote the lyrics to for this album, though.

3. 蛇舞/She Wu/Snake Dance
Another of the more enjoyable songs on this album, you may recognize the female vocalist as Nan Quan Mama’s Lara Veronin (or at least I think she is, though for some reason the lyrics book doesn’t include a credit for the female vocals in this song), who, like the rest of Nan Quan Mama, is now under JVR. Like the first song, this is a hip-hop song, but instead of the rock influence of “Dragon-Riding Warrior,” this song has an Indian theme unlike any of Jay’s other music. Jay pulls it off well, and Lara’s vocals are also very good.

4. 花海/Hua Hai/Flower Sea
Hearing this song after “Snake Dance,” I am completely lost. It isn’t that I don’t expect extreme differences in style between consecutive songs on a Jay Chou album, but Jay has lost me with this song. I’m not sure what aspect of it I hate the most. It’s a love ballad for sure, and Jay’s voice sounds horrible in it! Don’t get me wrong, I really like Jay’s voice, but in this song, it just sounds like he’s dying! Listening to it, I rather wish he weren’t the only one doing so. I also hate the synthesized music at the beginning of this song. I can honestly see myself skipping this particular song a lot in the future.

5. 摩术先生/Mo Shu Xian Sheng/Master Magician
If you hated the cowboy song last year, you’re really going to hate the clown song this year. It starts off with Jay playing the piano, but then he starts yodeling. Can anyone say “Heidi”? If that’s not bad enough, for the rest of the song, he is singing in his “cute” voice, like he did last year with “A Cowboy Is Very Busy,” and he does, indeed, say “yeehah” in it. He even re-uses part of the chorus from “A Cowboy Is Very Busy.” The worst part, though, is that the song is, in fact, extremely catchy, and once you’ve heard the whole thing, it’s very likely that you’ll find yourself humming this song later in the day or when you’re trying to go to bed at night.

6. 说好的幸福呢/Shuo Hao De Xing Fu Ne/What About the Happiness We Promised Each Other?
This song is definitely not bad, especially after listening to “Master Magician.” It’s a sweet love ballad, and Jay’s voice at least handles this one better than “Flower Sea.” The music in the background is much better, but Jay’s voice still sounds a bit “whiny,” but definitely nicer than it does in the previous two tracks. The lyrics are very beautiful and heart-breaking.

7. 兰亭序/Lan Ting Xu/Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion
The title to this song is actually a reference to calligrapher Wang Xizhi’s ancient Chinese poem by the same name. It’s a fitting theme for one of Jay’s Zhongguo Feng songs. As has been the tradition for Jay’s Zhongguo Feng, Vincent Fang wrote the lyrics, so if you are just learning Chinese and you don’t understand what it’s about, that’s only to be expected. Rest assured, though, that the lyrics are profound and carry a lot of cultural value. This particular Zhongguo Feng song features an erhu. As he has done with his Zhongguo Feng songs in recent years, Jay is trying his best to pronounce the lyrics clearly. As a result, it may not sound quite like his voice at some parts, and there’s also a Chinese opera-style portion to the song. Overall, it’s a nice song, but compared to his other songs of the same style, it isn’t so great.

8. 流浪诗人/Liu Lang Shi Ren/Homeless Poet
I don’t believe I’ve heard a harmonica in the background of a Jay Chou song before. This is a duet with Gary Yang, a singer-songwriter who is also under JVR. It’s mostly Mandarin with some Hokkien in it. To be frank, this is not the kind of song that either Gary or Jay is good at. It’s kind of an attempt at the blues, but I don’t think they pulled it off well at all.

9. 时光机/Shi Guang Ji/Time Machine
This song is a cutesy love song. It has a mostly guitar tune, with one sound in parts that sounds like the special guitar sound in “Broken String.” It’s a nice song, but not really what I was hoping for. When I saw the saw the title, I was hoping for something unique and experimental, but this wasn’t it.

10. 乔克叔叔/Qiao Ke Shu Shu/Uncle Joker
Another clown-related song, this song is decidedly better than “Master Magician,” but still rather cutesy. I like the Latin American style of this song, but Jay’s cutesy singing is kind of annoying me in a Rainie Yang kind of way, especially all the other cutesy songs on this album. The lyrics to this song get a bit on my nerves, and so do the sound effects.

11. 稻香/Dao Xiang/Fragrant Rice
This is still cutesy, but definitely enjoyable. Jay wrote the lyrics himself, and they are very meaningful. If you hear a pause in this song, it’s not because your CD isn’t working right. Jay put it there on purpose. After listening to the rest of the album, you might need the lyrics of this song to make you less depressed.

So, should you buy the album? That depends on how much you love Jay. This year, I think you’re better off buying one of his older albums (eg. “Jay Album,” “Fantasy,” “Eight Dimesions,” or “Ye Hui Mei”) if you don’t already have them all. I’m still hopeful that next year, Jay Chou will remember how to write fantastic songs, but in order for him to come out with another solid album, he will have to cut down on the love ballads. He will also have to stop acting cute. He is wonderful enough without pretending, so it’s not right for him to try to be someone he isn’t.


  1. bLiTz_KrieG |

    Oh so im not the only one who feels the same way about the album :s

  2. Merry |

    Great review, thanks for the honest assessment. I think what Jay really needs is a vacation from this “one album a year” promise that he made all those years ago – don’t release a new one if you don’t have the material! I’d rather have one good album from him than a whole series of albums that are mediocre at best. As it is, every year I fall a little further away from the fandom.

  3. Tony |

    Well done, Sam *claps* Spot on with everything.

    I dont know what’s Jay trying to do.. i think he got into this cutesy and all the other ‘different’ styles because people were saying his music was getting repititive. He’s trying to be creative but abit too creative for my liking where the music has just become a poor quality; instead of tracks we can laugh with Jay… it feels like tracks you laugh at Jay.

  4. tangy |

    i totally agree with you merry
    i want to have “genius jay” back!….i respect that he’s keeping his promise but mediocre music is not acceptable…..if he keeps this up…people are going to call him overrated if they haven’t already

    november’s chopin was on replay forever…after that…it kinda went downhill

    great review! thanks

  5. helen |

    Thanks for the review. But I think lotta people just think the same thing about Jay. What i think is that, in this album, he really pulls it off..all the instruments are well played and flow smoothly with each other. The only song i hate is HuA hai and this is because of the Jay’s voice which is tooooooooooo cheesy and not right for me. Clown song was brilliant. I dun like cowboy’s song, but this clown song is really2 amazing. He tries different style each year but some people just mixed up with the idea of COLOUR OF HIS SONG and being REPETITIVE.

  6. neo |

    not a bad album. i don’t know any chinese but the melody and jay chou’s voice sounds great and very smooth to my ear. except for the only downpoint that there isn’t any song especially mesmerizing like nocturne it’s still a very good and highly recommended listen. i love the mix/ instrumentals, they’re perfect!! i can’t deny somehow i’m not obsessed with jay chou as much as before, but he’s still the greatest.

  7. eRIc |

    Haha….all of you are just funny. When Jay’s singing like so called ‘Jay-style’…everyone saying it’s boring! Now, he changed. Everyone wants him back to the old Jay. The excuses? Cutesy la….running out of tune la…suck here and there. Come on…give him the credit he’s deserve. I’m not a Jay’s fan at first but his creativity and ready to accept challenge made me love his songs.
    Listening his songs need patient. One hear can’t make you crazy my friend.
    In my opinion, this album is good if not great. His music more on playing instruments nowadays. Just like track 1,3 & 10.
    Yes…track 4 abit annoying but track 2 and 7 are not bad,perhaps great!
    If he’s declining as an artist and his music getting worse, Capricorn wont sold million just the 1st two weeks.


  8. audrey |

    i totally agree with eric! hahahas…
    this album is very creative.
    he mixed diff inst tgt n make
    it into a realli unique song.
    if jay chou does not change his style, u all will
    say hes boring, always preducing the same kinda music,
    dont have new ideas.
    but when he try out new things, u all say
    u want th old him back.
    the songs are nice.

    the magician and clown songs are realli catchy n nice.
    i dont think anyone wrote a song lyk this in the past 10 yrs of music.
    its fun, cool, creative and it stays in your head.

    the first track is nice, no doubt.

    the R&B track gives me a relaxing feel.
    yes, his voice sounds weird but this is
    his speciality. listening to his older tracks lyk
    “发如雪”, his voice oso helped to make the song amazing.
    imagine some singer tt sings it a way that every word has a definite start and stop, it wouldnt sound nice anymore.

    in ‘hua hai’, yupp, his voice sounds bad there but
    the song is composed very well.
    the inst he used is a mixed of western and eastern.
    it rakes alot of work to put these inst tgt to sound rite.
    can u juz stop picking on his voice? ugh.

    “homeless poet”
    when i first heard it, i did not lyk it. i thot it was too”台”
    but as i listen to it again and again, it sort of
    turned out well. they did not sing it well,
    but, as i said, stop picking on his voice! this
    is y hes an unique singer. this is y wheneva u hear this voice
    on the radio, u will noe its him. this is y hes the king of mandopop.

    i tink “time machine” is realli a nice track
    one of my favourites in this album.
    the lyrics are nice and the tune makes u hope
    that everything could be lyk when we are young,
    it has a “homely” feel to it.

    “uncle joker”. the song is very very unique, as i said.
    he did not use his cutesy voice for the whole song.
    theres few lovely vocal parts in there.
    the cutesy adds to the latin feel. if he sings it lyk
    how aska yang sings it, the song would be a wrong.
    its suppose to be a enjoyable/fun/exciting/dance-like/relaxing song, so the cutesy voice is forgivable.

    the last song “fragrant rice” is really really nice!
    on the first day of release, no bad comments were make
    about this song!
    the MV was great too. and i love the tune!
    this song is fantastic!

    this album, although the voice is getting worse,
    but his compositions are really unique, enjoyable, fun.
    this album consists of diff genres and
    jay chou used a diff. variety of inst to make this album.
    u all say hes nt as gd as last time.
    but i tink he just wana change his style abit.
    this album is definitely worth your $$.
    i can say its one of the best albums release this yr.
    his songs are lyk no other. his voice is not good but
    every person has his bad points. the composition, the packaging is great. so to tolerate his voice is nt realli a hard job.:P

    oh, btw, i tink tt is not realli a gud review.
    u are too negative against jay. its lyk
    u have a bad thinking about this album at the start. n u did
    not bother to listen it again to see if u missed out anyth.
    its too biased.
    his “jay-style” voice is unique, his songs are amazing.

  9. Kelvin |

    I’ve just got this as a birthday present from my girlfriend. First of all, I will say it’s much better than “On The Run” album and yes, I think it’s very unique that Jay is finally focusing more on ballad.

    Just like in Fantasy and Still Fantasy, he focuses more on ballads and R&B. However, I would prefer if he included some Rap songs as well.. God I miss those fast-beat songs like “Long Quan”, “Shuang Jie Gun” and “Ren Zhe”.

    I’ve listen to his songs and bought them since his 1st album, I think it’s only fair to review his latest album if you are truly a Jay Chou fan, which would be ONE that have been listening to his music all this while. Then again, I think I really like the Magician song and the 6th track of his new album.

    If you noticed, his whole fantasy world is back again. Doesn’t it remind you the Warcraft song album? The 8th dimension album 🙂

    Songs 4/5
    Creativity 3/5
    Theme 5/5
    Album packaging 4/5
    Value 4/5

    Total – 4/5

  10. 薰衣草 |

    Overall, I like this album. I think it’s selling better than last year’s album because it includes a lot of “extras” like the Rubik’s cube, poker cards, calendar, poster, etc. (not all included, but some)

    I would say the song that I like the least is track 4, Flower Sea. I think he was trying to do something different with his voice and it just kinda failed…and ended up sounding really weird.

    I liked the Uncle Joker song, if only he didn’t include the creepy joker/clown sound effects.

    Snake Dance is good too, except I don’t really like Lara. I find her voice annoying. She was also annoying as a special guest at his concerts. The other members of Nan Quan Ma-Ma are cool though.

    My favorite tracks are 1, 6, & 11.

  11. KW |

    Honestly, a few of the points being raised here I feel are really irrelevant. Just because the album sales have been good, dosen’t necessarily mean the quality is good, this is Jay Chou after all. Also, good composition does not make up for a bad voice. When you look at Jay’s earlier works, his songs complemented his unique voice and that was what made his music so pleasant to listen to. Now though that’s just not the case and track 4 is an example of this. I think Jay needs to focus more on his music, I would rather wait years for an album like Fantasy rather than listen to mediocre albums year after year.

  12. Axeile |

    摩术先生 is not a clown song, it’s a magician song, like it says so in the song title. 乔克叔叔 is not “another” clown song, it’s the only clown song in the album and in any case, Jay intended the term “joker” instead of “clown”. Jay is using these two songs to tell a story of the animosity between the magician and the joker, hence the respective lyrics of the songs.

  13. hobielover |

    Why do so many people think I hate Jay Chou based on this review?! I don’t! I have every one of his albums, I love his voice, and I think he’s extremely talented. I just don’t think this album is up to par. Jay is my favorite artist! So, why should I expect something less than what I know he is capable of? If I call this album diao, then I’m denying his potential and the greatness of his previous work!

    Sure, the CD is selling well, but then again, how many bestsellers are actually good? Some of them are horrible, and some albums that aren’t so well-known turn out to be great. You can’t judge an album by sales!

    “魔术先生” is about a magician, duh, but it also talks about a clown, so me calling it a “clown song” is not incorrect.

    I’m sure some people will find Lara’s voice annoying, but, like the other member’s of Nan Quan Mama, she is also a singer-songwriter, not just a vocalist and a pretty face. Her accent may be a little odd, since she is from the United States, and she is still very young, but I think she has potential. Anyways, she only did the background vocals a bit. I don’t think that should seriously get on anyone’s nerves.

  14. stephen |

    who is this guy? show off with only one million copies? for R&B,he is worse than David Tao and for creative ability, Lee Hom seems to be better than him!

  15. 薰衣草 |

    If you look back at my post, then you’ll realize that I just said this album is selling better than last year’s. I didn’t mention anything else besides that I like it…of course compared to his earlier works, it’s not as good.

    I know about Lara’s background, but it doesn’t make her voice any less annoying and I’m not talking about her accent. It’s her really high-pitched voice. I saw her at Jay’s concert and it was even worse. She may be a singer-songwriter and I’m not taking anything away from that…but veryone has there own likes & dislikes and in this case I dislike Lara.

  16. hobielover |

    The comment on the sales was meant for eRIc.

    stephen: I don’t want anyone to say that Jay is a horrible artist! He is actually very talented. It is just that his more recent works are a bit lacking. If you do not listen to Jay at all, you are seriously missing out, in my opinion!

  17. H |

    Tell me. How long have YOU been listening to Jay Chou? When did you start? This year? Only a few months?


  18. H |

    And I agree with Kelvin.

    I think it’s only fair to review his latest album if you are truly a Jay Chou fan, which would be ONE that have been listening to his music all this while.

  19. Bebi. |

    Hi, I just wanted to comment on your so called ‘review’ of the album.

    It seems to me that your review is really biased, for example for the 2nd Track you said “There’s a bit of an R&B twist to this song, but it’s still a love ballad no matter how Jay tries to disguise it…and the way Jay mumbles it, parts of it sound a bit like bad English. I’m certain parts of this song will go on someone’s list of misheard Jay Chou lyrics.”

    For your information, this songs seems to be a lot better pronounced in comparison to his other songs. Maybe it’s just because your chinese is bad and not up to standard. The other point is, you said Jay is trying to ‘disguise’ the song from being a ballad. Excatly WHICH part of the song led you to believe that Jay was trying to disguise it? LOL

    And the fact you think that Mr. Magician and Uncle Joker are songs about ‘clowns’ is LMAO.

    You said you only heard about Jay about 1 year ago. I honestly think, being a ‘fan’ for such a short time, you honestly do not understand and know enough about Jay to write such a ‘review’.

  20. blurry |

    i use to like jay chou, until his ‘cutesy’, ditty act turned me off lol.. hated his last album which featured some lame cowboy thingy goin on.. dat was so unlike of him n i hope he’ll be baq in his cool demeanor again =)

  21. Axeile |

    Hi there.. I’m back again!

    1) I don’t think you sound like you don’t like Jay.. and I believe you’re just as much a fan as I am.

    2) What if I mentioned se.x in the lyrics of my song along the lines of “let’s practice abstinence, say no to se.x”, would that make it a dirty song? I think not. Your line of defence “but it also talks about a clown, so me calling it a “clown song” is not incorrect.” is weak and reeks of desperation to stay correct. Did you really _read_ the lyrics to this song? 乔克叔叔 talks about a magician too, why didn’t you call it a magician related song then?

    3) I know this is inconsequential to everybody but I love Lara’s voice.

    4) Stephan should GTFO and jump in a cement mixer.

    5) To H: I think you’re being harsh here. It’s not like hobielover became a fan only a few months ago. He has been a fan for over a year already. Fanmanship isn’t about length of time. To be able to appreciate music, to understand it, and to feel it are what makes a better fan. Hobielover is able to appreciate the music and is discerning enough to write a review on it. I think that makes a better fan than most others who just listen and say “oh I love this song” and “I hate this one”. Following your argument there will forever only be a fixed number of “true fans” and the number will only decrease as people die. It’s not like anybody can turn back time so that they can be a Jay fan right from the start right? I think your logic is flawed and you’re a retard.

    6) All these comments made me think of something that can explain why some people think hobielover’s being biased. It may even explain why hobielover thinks this album isn’t up to par with the rest of Jay’s previous releases. If anybody’s interested you can head over to my blog where I mused about this issue.

  22. hobielover |

    I suppose I should have called it a magician-related song had I known people would be so nit-picky, no offense, but there’s also the fact that Vincent’s lyrics to “魔术先生” and A-Lang’s lyrics to “乔克叔叔” are rather inter-related. They both poke fun at each other. I actually read the lyrics to both the whole way through.

    It’s actually “she.” I’m a girl. Not that it really matters when it comes to how much of a fan I am, but I’m definitely female.

    Actually, since I tend to stick a Jay Chou album in my CD player all the time, I know each album individually. I suppose it is true that the change was not as gradual for me, but I can also tell that the first 4 albums were my favorites, though there are plenty of songs from Jay’s later albums that stand out, but there’s no new R&B like in the beginning. Of course, since I’ve only listened to Jay Summer 2007, the R&B hasn’t gotten old to me. Therefore, “龙卷风” has remained my favorite Jay song, and it is still new for me, even though it came out in 2000. The fact that I’m American, though, means I didn’t have the luxury of knowing who Jay Chou was back then. It wasn’t until after I started studying Chinese that I “discovered” Jay Chou. After that, though, I bought up every studio album, the OST to “Secret,” and his most recent concert set. I’ve watched 3 of his movies, and loved “Secret.” I have the lines memorized to much of the movie in their original Chinese. (I wrote a translation to “兰亭序” recently. People shouldn’t say I’m not a fan because I don’t understand, and they should know, if they are “true fans,” that he does mumble, and he wants us all to read the lyrics book to see what his lyricists wrote for him. It’s really irrelevant, though, since I liked Jay before I could even understand the songs on my own.)

    If only someone who was a fan from the start can be a “true fan,” then Jay can’t be a fan of Chopin, and how many “true” Elvis fans would there be alive on this planet?

    Where is the “dirty” from? Well, I think that if Jay is encouraging us not to do drugs (“懦夫”), that kind of thing, then it is not dirty, but it’s just weird telling people not to have sex. There was a guy who made a song about that on “American Idol” in the auditions, and that kind of freaked me out, LOL!

  23. Axeile |

    Oh no no, that “dirty” example was just a stupid example from me!

    And yes, that Chopin and Elvis “true fan” thing is so true. Kelvin and H have got their bulbs screwed in the wrong way from what they’re saying.

    And sorry about the he/she mix up! But girls are usually cool about gender mix ups =)

    I’m not a day-one fan either, myself. And admittedly I’m missing some elements from his previous works that I don’t seem to spot in his recent albums. Right of the top of my head I’m thinking of 同一种调调 and 我的地盘. I love these two songs and I don’t feel the same magic in the subsequent releases.

  24. Bebi. |

    “suppose I should have called it a magician-related song had I known people would be so nit-picky, ” are writing a REVIEW…you ARE supposed to be ‘nit-picky’

    i suggest, next time you attempt to write anything like a review, get your facts right first ok?

  25. H |

    Haha. Ditto whatever Axeile is trying to say with her long essays meant for school.

    I’m just giving my 2cents about hobielover’s review, and that’s it. =)

  26. tiff |

    nice review XD
    however the only thing different i would say is 给我一首歌的时间, 说好的幸福呢,稻香 were my favourite songs in this album
    i agree that he should go back to his old style and abandon his “cute” sounds too fake
    his R&B is what got me hooked onto him in the first place..and the awesome lyrics vincent fang writes for him

  27. Ry |

    This is honestly one of the most disgraceful albums ever. There are no excuses, accept the fact that it is horrible. Jay’s despaired search for new music styles make him sound more and more unenjoyable, his transformation is so forced and unreal. The worst thing is the voice and its really getting worse and on my nerves as well. He cant hit a note properly and the voice sounds so feminine and fake. Dont get me wrong, I loved him during the “Qi Li Xiang Era”, and “November’s Chopin” was also acceptable, but singe last year, his music is definetely set in the wrong direction, and if he dont make a right turn, he will definetely lose more fans in the future.

  28. Minty Fresh |

    I agree with HobieLover.

    There are only three songs on this Capricorn album that I like and constantly listen to again and again: Orchid Pavillion, Fragrant Rice, and Give Me Time To Sing This Song. All the other songs on the album sound okay, but it doesn’t get me into it.

    Every time Jay’s album comes out now though, I’m somewhat disappointed. I really preferred his styles prior to his Cowboy On the Run Album. I applaud Jay for trying something new, but I’m thinking his songs are either getting weirder and weirder, or that he’s doing a style that I’ve seen someone else do.

    For example: although I like the song “Give Me Time To Sing This Song”, everything about it reminds me of the Korean boy band Big Bang. Even the clothing style Jay has on reminded me of them. In general, it just reminds me of other R&B/hip hop artists/groups. I know that he’s done similar things with many of his other songs, but this is the first song of his where it was most apparent. I didn’t really see anything that made it a Jay song other than that it was Jay singing it. One of the things that make so many of Jay’s songs great is that only he can sing it and make it good. If others tried to do it, it just doesn’t sound right, unless the song itself was oriented in a way to include another singer like Faraway.

    Right now, most of his Zhong Guo Feng style songs seem to have shifted from using Asian instruments to highlight it’s unique Chinese influence to just using the Chinese Opera voice. It’s great, but the quality of the Chinese Opera voice seems to be dropping and is just thrown in to make it more Asian-ish.

    Remember the first time we all heard it in Fearless, many people thought it was a lady actually doing it? It was high quality. Jay went all out to make it sound smooth to the point that we can’t really duplicate it loud and clear, and made many think that it wasn’t Jay doing that voice until he performed live. Now though, since its reuse, that high quality Operatic Voice has diminished to voices that we can do when we want to imitate a lady, kind of like what Jackie Chan does in Drunken Master when performing the drunken Goddess form.

    Personally, I thought that all his albums from the beginning were great until after Still Fantasy.

    His kiddie songs are catchy and amusing. The tune really does stick to my head and it’s great for getting kids to listen to them, probably prepping them up to listening to Jays general music.


    If you were a TRUE FAN, wouldn’t you pretty much love all of Jay Chou’s music regardless of what they sounded like, who wrote it, etc?

    I’m a fan of his music because of the way it sounds. I have no knowledge of Mandarin at all, but I liked his music really because of the beat, rhythm, the way the instruments flowed together in harmony while playing different notes, and how it’s usually very hard to find song styles similar to Jay’s anywhere else.

    I don’t usually care about the lyrics because to me, if a song can’t catch me with the intro (which of course usually starts off with an instrumental before the singer comes in), I’m not interested in it. For instance, remember how in one of Jay Chou’s concert performance in Asia (you’ll definitely find them in Youtube) he was having an unplugged session? At one point, he was singing Nunchucks to a completely different melody. They were having fun and all, but if that melody and rhythm had been originally used on the song Nunchucks, how much likely would you have listened to it?? If you like/love that style, which sounded a bit country-ish to me, then it works for you. It doesn’t work for me though, as I’m not really into country-type music.

    As it stands, I pretty much am a fan of Jay Chou for the instrumentals he sings to. I’m a BIG fan of his Zhong Guo Feng style songs and some of his ballads and hip hop. With a couple of exceptions, I’m not a fan of his Rock style. With all that said, I’d definitely have to say that although this album is okay, I rank it either the worst or second worst of all his albums on my list.