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OST: They Kiss Again

03/26/2008, by PerOla Hammar, category All categories, Miscellaneous

It has been over two years since the first episode of “It Started With A Kiss” and the long awaited arrival of “They Kiss Again”. Not only has there been high anticipation for the drama but also for the OST. I am what some consider a drama addict. I watch the drama, listen to the music and immediately want to run out (or hop onto YesAsia) and buy the music. The long wait has not been in vain as the OST not only met, but also exceeded my expectations. The OST contains seven songs performed by various artists (including members of the cast), three instrumentals and a bonus strings version of Ariel Lin’s “Ni” (You). The album comes in two versions, Zhi Shu Version and Xiang Qin Version, each with a bonus DVD.

“Xin Fu He Zhuo She”, performed by Mavis Fan is the opening theme song. I have to admit that I initially did not like the song, but it does grow on you. The song has a very relaxing, lounge-type of feel. It makes you want to throw on your dancing shoes and just glide across the dance floor.

“Ni” (You) by Ariel Lin is the second song and also the closing theme song. Although I sometimes feared that Ariel would not be able to hit the high notes, she has improved greatly since “Gu Dan Bei Ban Qiu”(Lonely Northern Hemisphere). The songs feels as if Xiang Qin’s is singing to Zhi Shu, but at the same time the listener can also easily relate to the feeling of cherishing someone you care about.

Joe’s “Zhong Yu Yuan Wei”(Loyal To The Original Taste) is amazingly adorable. I can’t help but listen and smile at the innocence and sweet sentiments. Joe’s english makes the song all the more adorable.

“Ni Chen Jing Rang Wo Xin Dong” (You Once Made My Heart Beat) by A-Chord is easily my favorite song on the album. Maybe it’s A-Chord’s sexy voice, the guitar or the melt-any-girls-heart lyrics but I just love this song.

Overall, I would have to rate this as one of my favorite OSTs in that I enjoy listening to every track. No need to skip. As a fan of the show, I like the fact that the songs often remind me of happy/sad/funny moments in the show. As a music fan, the music is just as great because it is more than just sappy love music. It has a refreshing air that, even for just a moment, lets you escape the worries and stress of daily life.

Rating: 9/10

Track Listing:
1. Xing Fu He Zuo She (Blessed Cooperation) by Mavis Fan
2. Ni (You) by Ariel Lin
3. Zhong Yu Yuan Wei (Loyal To The Original Taste) by Joe Cheng
4. Be Your Superman by Chun Biao Yan
5. Cang Zai Wei Xiao Li De Mi Mi (The Secret Hidden In The Smile) by Cyndi Chaw
6. Ni Ceng Jing Ran Wo Xin Dong (You Have Once Made My Heart Beat) by A-Chord
7. Heaven- by Cai Han Cen and Cai Yi Zhen
8. Xing Fu He Zuo She (Blessed Cooperation) Instrumental
9. Ni (You) Instrumental
10. Cang Zai Wei Xiao Li De Mi Mi (The Secret Hidden In The Smile) Instrumental
11. Ni (You) Strings Version by Ariel Lin


  1. tt |

    didn’t liked it at first wen i listened to it.. (before watching dramas) but after a few listens it grows on you.. quite nice.. but not very ‘musically’ talented people in there.. love a chord.. so cute xD lol..

  2. Sabrina |

    I agree! first time I heard the opening theme, I was like “what?!” I thought it didn’t fit TKA at all.

    but after a couple more times, it really does grow on you. and ironically, it became a favorite of mine! I really like mavis fan now. XD

  3. sherry |

    All the song damn nice and the drama also..Now i waiting the next episode..It make me “jin chang”..I love the hero and heroin in the TKA….

  4. AeRONAUTIC!! |

    I`m still not too much of a fan of the opening song for they kiss again. My favorite song here is Cang Zai Wei Xiao Li De Mi Mi by Cyndi Chaw. aha. i really love it(:

  5. stepyn |

    grabe ang ganda ng panood nila nakaka kilig kaya manood na kayo grabe talaga super kikiligin kayo promise >>>>>

  6. stepyn |

    grabe san ipanood na yung they kiss again sa channel 2 … para tumaas yung rating ng channel 2 … kasi ang ganda nun.. hinihintay nga namin ng ate ko … ang ganda kasi..todo 2 the maxx na kiligan

  7. Beazie |

    I absolutely love this series!
    They did a great job with the music that went along with the drama!
    Go Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu!

  8. charmaine |

    i really love this series drama and romance…i’ve been waiting for this series like a year and i finally saw the whole series…im so happ to see them together though sometimes they fight cuz xiang qin always so clumsy and careless in her dicisions that makes zhi zhu irritated and in the same time happy that he married a perfect wife for him even though his wife is like that…i hope to see the 3rd series that they are already parents….and i also hope that ariel lin and joe cheng are together in real life and they spend the rest of thier lives together…and i also hope to see them in person that’s one of my dreams…..hope to see the 3rd one….bye…….

  9. darling |

    hi everbody! where i can get the OST? I really like all the songs! I wish you can help me as well as others who want the OST also. thanks! xie xie! ^^

  10. arvi sagcal |

    can i have the english lyrics of zhong yu yuan wei by joe cheng? please i really love his song…

  11. Toni |

    Hi Arvi, hope this helps… :’)

    忠於原味 – 鄭元暢
    Loyal on Original Taste – Joe Cheng

    陽光照亮世界 卻塗鴉不了黑
    yang guang zhao liang shi jie que tao ya bu liao hei
    The sun lightens up the world, but doodling can’t make it dark
    就像我怎麼完美 也得愛上誰
    jiu xiang wo zen me wan mei ye dei ai shang shui
    Just like a perfect person like me, must fall in love with someone

    愛情要靠感覺 幸福靠智慧
    ai qing yao kao gan jue xing fu kao zhi hui
    Love depends on feelings, happiness depends on intelligence
    我的心卻理所當然 往妳身上偏
    wo de xin que li suo dang ran wang ni sheng shang pian
    But my heart is naturally following you

    喜歡的還是喜歡 討厭的還是討厭
    xi huan de hai shi xi huan tao yan de hai shi tao yan
    What I like is still what I like, what I hate is still what I hate
    這口味一旦養成 就注定很難改變
    zhe kou wei yi dan yang cheng jiu zhu ding hen nan gai bian
    Once this taste is brewed, it will be difficult to change

    喜歡的還是喜歡 討厭的還是討厭
    xi huan de hai shi xi huan tao yan de hai shi tao yan
    What I like is still what I like, what I hate is still what I hate
    有些事可以妥協 有些事就必須絕對
    you xie shi ke yi tuo xie you xie shi jiu bi xu jue dui
    Some matters can be compromised, some matters are absolute

    喜歡你單純 喜歡你怕黑
    xi huan ni dan chun xi huan ni pa hei
    Love that you are naive, love that you are afraid of the dark
    喜歡你的缺點 那麼討厭
    xi huan ni de que dian na me tao yan
    Love your shortcomings that are so annoying

    ALL I WANT 只是想 愛得不虛偽 不虛偽
    ALL I WANT zhi shi xiang ai de bu xu wei bu xu wei
    ALL I WANT, I only want to love without being hypocritical, not hypocritical

    喜歡的還是喜歡 討厭的還是討厭
    xi huan de hai shi xi huan tao yan de hai shi tao yan
    What I like is still what I like, what I hate is still what I hate
    不需要去在乎誰 讓自己忠於原味
    bu xu yao qu zai hu shui rang zi ji zhong yu yuan wei
    Don’t need to care about anyone, just let yourself loyal on original taste
    喜歡的還是喜歡 討厭的還是討厭
    xi huan de hai shi xi huan tao yan de hai shi tao yan
    What I like is still what I like, what I hate is still what I hate


  12. kheycelroze |

    wow.. thanks a lot for the lyrics of Joe’s song..
    i lreally ove all the songs in this drama.. it makes me smile
    every time i hear those.. and remember the episodes..
    the ending made me cry.. ahaha! jiayou!!!

  13. Piggy |

    tis show is the most favourite of mine! i have always been looking forward to tis show and the day has come! i love ariel and joe the most! tis show is damn nice and funny! haha! i absolutely did not regret watching it!

  14. kiki |

    This is really a fantastic show. Keep thinking of that handsome zhi shu. Hope they will quickly film the 3rd episode!