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Power Station (Dong Li Huo Che): Forever Friend Collection

04/29/2007, by PerOla Hammar, category All categories, Miscellaneous

It’s amazing that we never review any album of Power Station here yet. I guess there is no better way to introduce them than reviewing their upcoming compilation album – Forever Friend Collection.

Power Station, is known as “Dong Li Huo Che” (动力火车) in Chinese, can be directly translated as ‘Powerful Train’. The band is originated from Taiwan, formed somewhere in 1997 by two brothers, formed by two brothers: Yan Zhi Lin and You Qiu Xing. Their first album – The Loveless Love Book (Wu Qing De Qing Shu) became an immediate hit in many countries from Taiwan, Malaysia to Singapore. It marked their successful debut, and their trademark westernize heavy metal style of rock music.

I was introduced to Power Station music when I was in secondary school. Their songs were the “Saliva Song” (Kou Sui Ge: 口水歌), meaning you can listen to their songs almost from anywhere: karaoke, mall, radio station, wedding dinner. I even got the chance to attended their mini concert in V.O.R, Penang. The crowd was small (because the place was small), but boy, did we get high that night in their strong, heart pumping performance. I still remember their live performance that night, so vividly.

To describe their music in a phrase, it would be “铁汉柔情” (Tie Han Rou Qing), which means strong guy with a soft heart. As far as their “i-don’t-give-a-damn-to-the-world” rock music, it is their sentimental songs, their sensitive side, that capture the heart of many, especially guys. This is true for many of Power Station’s signature songs which are collected in this compilation: Track 2 “Betrayal Love Song” (Bei Pan Qing Ge), Track 3 “I Don’t Know” (Wo Bu Zhi Dao), Track 6 “Thinking about you, is my habit before going to sleep” (Xiang Ni Shi Ling Shui De Xi Guan), Track 13 “Not willing to let go of hand” (Bu Gan Xing Bu Fang Shou), and more.

The Forever Friends series collection comes with 16 best songs from Power Station’s 10 years career, and a DVD with all their music videos. I hope this review will let the younger readers of Chinese Music Blog get to know more about this rock music icon from Taiwan.

Track Listing:
1. The Loveless Love Book
2. The Betrayal Love Song
3. I Don’t Know
4. Still Some Hidden Pain
5. When
6. Thinking about you is my habit before sleep
7. The Tomorrow Of Tomorrow Of Tomorrow
8. Goodbye! My love
9. One Way Ticket
10. The Old Earth and Sky
11. The Strong Memory
12. The Faithful Flower of “Li Shan”
13. Not Willing To Let Go
14. The Song Of Wings
15. The Desert of Passion
16. The First Teardrop


  1. Christine |

    I like them. My dad listens to them.

    By the way, it’s “Loveless Love Letter”.

  2. Steve |


    “My dad listens to them” <- that makes me feel really old. 🙂 I thought of putting it as "Loveless Love Letter", but isn't it would directly translated as Qing Xing (情信) ?

  3. TonYep |

    Power Station I lsiten to them time and again. lol did they forgot Cai Hong (Rainbow) or something hahaha

  4. Jed |

    These guys are good in their genre. I don’t listen to metal (I abhor it), but they’re good. And the ballads that these guys do are so moving.

    These album is a must-get.

  5. yenny |

    haha u can’t translate word for word rite? Love letter is “qing shu” in Mandarin. Oh I think they’re great too! Powerful vocals, and I love their harmonisations. I thought they were cousins? Not quite sure, cos different surname?

  6. Delrondu |

    i just came back from KL and I did not see this…

  7. aimme |

    I love PS!! I agree, although I don’t really like to listen to those of genre, but they’re really AWESOME!!

  8. Jack Ta |

    I am looking to Dong Li Huo Che quitar tab/chord, Anyone know of any good website?

    I am a non-chinese educated. But I love Dong Li Huo Che. It would be perfect if I can find songs with “han yue” transcript. Thank you