Blogging in English For Non-Native Speakers

For many non-native speakers, the very idea of blogging in English might seem to be completely insurmountable. Coming up with unique ideas and concepts for blog posts might be easy, but how can you convey these thoughts and ideas online if you are not fluent in English? Fortunately, there are many different solutions to this issue.

Opt for images, not text

Perhaps the most popular solution is to focus on images and video, and not text. This simplifies matters considerably, because you only need to provide a few basic captions to the images. And, if you opt for video, you might not need to provide any text at all. You could simply embed a link to the video right within your blog.

For example, let’s say that you are a restaurant owner based in Houston, Texas. Your business specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine, and your primary customer base is the city’s Latino community. You are now looking to expand your presence in the city, and that means launching an English-language blog. You could use this blog to showcase examples of menu items with a series of beautiful photos. For each photo, you’d simply include a brief caption of the name of the dish. Or, you could use your blog to introduce visitors to the various members of your team – such as your new celebrity chef or your “employee of the month.”

Use online tools to edit and translate text

Another solution is simply to write in your native language and then use an online tool like Google Translate to translate the most difficult parts into English. This can often produce a working translation that you can then edit with a tool like Grammarly. Or, if you have other team members (or family members) who are fluent in English, you can ask them to review and edit what has already been written or translated.

Another option is to provide two versions of a website blog, one in your native language and one in English. In Europe, for example, it’s quite popular to provide multiple versions of a website for people speaking different languages. There will often be a button that toggles on/off between English and another language (German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.). You could adapt this same solution for your blog.

Use short-form content that’s based around lists

Finally, another option is to limit the type of text-based content that you will be creating for the blog. A blog doesn’t have to be a long, rambling essay. It can just be a “listicle,” which is really just a brief list of items. This is a very popular form of content made popular by sites like BuzzFeed. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you might post a list of “Top places in the city to buy fresh, organic food.” This type of content provides immediate value to the reader, but is easy enough to create without the need to be completely fluent in English.

While it’s possible to set up your own blog and provide content for it on a regular basis, it’s preferable to hire a professional blogging agency or other expert who can help to set up your blog and post content on a regular basis. It really depends on how comfortable you are with your level of English proficiency and how much it matters to your core audience.

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7 Fatal Blogging Mistakes That Every Blogger Should Avoid

Blogging can be full of fun and an ultimate learning experience for you if you are a maturing writer or your are just eager to encourage others to see things in the same way as you do. As a leaner blogger you would be making fatal blogging mistakes that all newbie bloggers usually make. These mistakes can cause you serious trouble in writing great blog content and slow down you blog’s growth.

Here in this article I am going to talk about the biggest blogging mistakes that every blogger should avoid to attract more blog traffic.

7 Fatal Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Think about your favorite topic; let’s suppose it Email marketing, then how many blogs are on your favorite topic? Thousands! Now how many are best blogs on Email Marketing? Hundreds! So what makes these best blogs stand out of thousands and why readers come again and again to read their blogs posts? This is all because they are not making those biggest blogging mistakes, so you too become a successful blogger if you avoid these mistakes.

1. Blogging Mistakes-Sacrificing Quality for Quantity

This is very common blogging mistake that many newbie bloggers make; they only focus on number of posts they are publishing weekly or daily and don’t care about the quality of their posts. This is actually the biggest blogging mistake. In an effort to make your blog fresh both for your audience and search engines, you may be following the theory of publishing a fixed no of blog posts weekly.

This theory may result in gaining quantity and perhaps gain in page-rank but there is a definite loss in quality. So, do not publish blog post that doesn’t add any value to your audience, otherwise you will end up just wasting space. A single post that inspires your readers is far better those 10 crappy posts which don’t add any value.

2. Blogging Mistakes-Covering too Many Topics

Covering too many topics just for the sake of appealing as wide audience as possible is one of the biggest blogging mistakes that many bloggers committing today. As you are covering too many topics, your blog scope may become lost and you are also disengaging your audience at the same time. Always decide a few areas of interest that you can easily cover in your blog posts letting you hone the content.

3. Blogging Mistakes-You Are Not Consistent

Being inconsistent blogger is another biggest mistake that adversely affects your blogging career. To become a successful blogger you need to be very consistent as consistency alone can be a biggest factor deterring your blog’s success. Inconsistency in blogging not only makes it difficult for your reader to find you but it also provides search engines a reason to forget you.

Who will revisit your blog if it is not updated recently? People don’t like to revisit blogs that are not updated since long or updated sporadically. To keep yourself focused you should follow a schedule and blog post calendar, this is a great way to keep you on track.

4. Blogging Mistakes-Writing Only For SEO

Are you writing only for conniving search engines? You will lose your loyal audience by making them bore if you continued writing exclusively for Google and other search engines. You might be wasting human time by writing only for search engine’s spiders in an effort to rank your pages.

Your readers might not be interested in posts full of repetitive keywords that only exit for crawling robots. Always give priority to your audience while writing blog posts. Don’t kill your creativity by turning yourself into a keyword-processing machine

5. Blogging Mistakes-Writing For Yourself

Writing about yourself too often is yet another big blogging mistake. It is OK to put your personality into your blog posts but don’t overdo this. Just add one or two posts about the things that happened to you and are worth mentioning for your audience.

You are not be as interested as a celebrity; therefore, your readers might not be interested in your personal happenings, so always write interesting and informative posts that offer some value to your audience. It’s a fact that readers are Selfish and they want useful information, just find a way to provide that information.

6. Blogging Mistakes-Not Writing In Plain English

By using complex terminologies and adding surplus words in your blogs posts, you’re making your readers to stop and think about the meaning of your words. If you are using that kind of complex English then you’re taking up extra time of your readers and causing them to slow down. Do a favor to your readers by cutting surplus words and replacing complex terminology with simpler words. Write as if you are writing for a kid of 12 by making your writing as easy to understand as possible.

7. Blogging Mistakes-Editing Your Posts in a Hurry

This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes that bloggers usually do. You edit your posts in a hurry and leave so many errors; as a result you make your posts difficult to understand. You may not be supper-writer who writes almost flawless content in just one go. In fact most of the bloggers including myself can’t edit in just one go. Many pro-blogger recommend to have at least four rounds of editing;

  • Firstly review the flow of your post. Remove a paragraph or line that doesn’t naturally follow the previous paragraph without impacting the story or argument.
  • Secondly drop the funny lines that aren’t actually funny or seem irrelevant.
  • Thirdly hone your each sentence finely. If a sentence appears overly long, just cut it into two and replace complex words with simple ones.
  • Lastly correct any grammatical or spelling errors.

The more time you spend in editing, your posts become more understandable and easy to read. You message become clearer and your audience will be grateful to you.

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How To Make Money Blogging


There are two ways to make money blogging,

(a). Creating You Own Blog

(b) Guest Blogging/writing for others blogs.

A. Creating Your Own Blog

This is the best choice because it lets you create your own online presence and identity. If you have good writing skills and passionate about some topic then you should create your own blog.

Write Compelling Content

To become a successful blogger you need to write some compelling content which is unique and original. Never copy content from other blogs rather try to create your own content. You can get ideas from other successful blogs in your niche, visit these blogs regularly for the sake of getting ideas for your own content not for copying their hard work.

Build Relationships

Building relationships with influencers in your niche is as important as creating unique content. Make a list of at least 5 top blogs in your niche and visit them regularly. Gain attention of the owners of these blogs by leaving some valuable and meaningful comments own their posts. Like and share their content regularly and after some weeks or so try contenting them via email.

Chances you will be able to build some good relationship with the influencer. Just imagine a single mention of your blog by these influencer can bring your tons of traffic!!. You can also offer them some well written guest posts for free and receive a back-links to your own blog. This tactic will do a lot for your new blog.

Provide Solutions To Problems

Always try to provide solution to your readers problems with in your blog posts. People search Google for finding a solution to their problems, So being a problem solver can bring your a lot of organic traffic from Google and other search engines. This will also build a loyal readership for your blog as well. Moving towards our goal, how to monetize a blog, below are some most common ways to make money blogging.

Ways To Make Money Blogging

So, your blog is live for couple of months and receiving organic traffic from search engines, now you should look for some ways to monetize your blog. Below are some more effect ways to make money blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

This is what many of pro-bloggers use to make money blogging. Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else products with in your blog posts and earning commissions on each sales that occurs through your unique aff link. Affiliate marketing is a high paying way of making money from a blog and many bloggers are earning decent amount of money by using this method.

Just search for product related to your niche and join their affiliate programs. You will be given a unique aff link to promote a product/service. Whenever someone clicks your aff link and makes a purchase you will earn affiliate commission. That’s how affiliate marketing works.

Displaying Ads

This is another most popular way of making money from a blog. All you need is to join some advertising network like Google Adsense, or Infolinks and place ad code on your blog. These advertising networks will show ads on your blog relevant to your niche and content, you will earn money for ad clicks.

Selling A Product/Service

You can sell your own product (if you have any) or provide some online service that people are looking for. Just for example if your a Graphic designer then you can offer your service like logo designing or banner designing.

Selling Ads Space/Direct Advertisement

This is still another way of making money blogging by  selling ads space on your blog. If you have a reputable blog which is receiving decent traffic from search engine then you can join BuySellAds and other similar network and display third party ads on your blog.

B. Writing For Other Blogs

In the first place we discussed about how to make money blogging with your own blog. Now in this section we will explore how to make money buy writing blog posts/articles for others. If you have great writing skills you can contact other established bloggers and offer them paid content. As the pro bloggers are supper busy people, they are in great need of original content for their blogs. You can approach those bloggers and provide them your content for some decent bucks.

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