How To Be an Efficient and Productive Freelancer

Ever given thought to what it takes to thrive in the field of freelancing? If yes, you’re not alone! Today, freelancing has become a great option for people looking to break free from the 9 to 5 lifestyle or better still, those who desire the freedom to work at their own pace. The thing is, freelancing has a lot going for it including flexible hours and of course, a whole lot of free time to take care of other things on the side. But there’s a catch, you need to figure out how to stay productive throughout the day, or you might end up losing clients and of course, money. For the most part, your productivity has a lot to do with how efficiently you make use of your time even in the face of seemingly uncontrollable distractions. And as I know, this can be a huge challenge for many!

Well, the good news is, there are actually quite a few things you can do to stay focused and productive, and of course, this post will explore most of them!

Let’s get started!

Create a Reasonable Work Routine

First off, it’s in your best interest to take your time to set a work schedule and of course, do all you can to stick with it. The thing is, a routine will make things a whole lot easier for you, and that’s super. Essentially, you’ll get to avoid those things that are likely to take a toll on your productivity including burnouts, missed deadlines, sleepless nights and more. Now, if you’re ready to create a routine, I’ll recommend you assign the most challenging jobs to the times of the day when you got your creative juices flowing. The bottom line; just create a routine that commits at least 60% of the entire day to productivity — this is crucial.

Stay Focused — No Distractions

At this point, you’ll want to learn how to “get in the zone” and stay there! In other words, managing distractions is a big part of the plan, and you wouldn’t want to take it for granted. For the most part, work from home freelancers are likely to get distracted by TV, chores, kids and even the temptation to relax at the wrong time — more like when you’re supposed to be rounding up a task or two. With this in mind, you won’t be wrong to get an affordable co-working space that can help keep distractions at bay.

It’s also crucial to resist the temptation to surf the web during work hours — unproductive internet habits can hurt your productivity in ways you thought possible. For instance, it’s pretty easy to get drawn to exciting YouTube videos, and you might end up spending hours watching every one of them. So what’s the point? Well, you need to figure out how to block web-based distractions — software like Self Control and Cold Turkey are sure to work great. Also, be sure to switch off your phone when in your workspace — this is super important!

Exercise Regularly

Here’s the thing; even the simplest form of exercise can get your creative juices flowing, and that’s huge. Don’t just sit in one spot all day — get up and move your body every once or even twice in a while. As a freelancer, regular workouts can refresh the mind and body thus making it easier to focus on the task at hand. What’s more, some physical activities can improve your problem-solving skills, and that’s great — you could even turn out to be invaluable to your esteemed clients!

Always Pat Yourself on The Back

Now that you’re your own boss, you won’t be wrong to reward yourself after every task. Besides helping you breathe between tasks, a good reward system will motivate you to work towards achieving your set goals. At this point, it’s up to you to figure out the reward that can fire you up to tackle even the most difficult of tasks — just do what works best for you!

So there you have it! These are just a few tips that can take your freelancing career to the next level, and I am pretty sure you’re ready to work with them. Stay productive!

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