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All you need to know about Macau newspapers

If you plan on traveling to Macau the casino city or you would like to learn more about the country while you visit it’s important to get the right newspaper and look at the Macao daily news. Macau has several different news outlets available in the country. If you like to get a daily newspaper many of the resort hotels even feature in room service and delivery of some of the top newspapers and publications throughout Macau. Here are some of the top news outlets that you could read during your visit or if you plan on learning more internationally.

Macau newspapers: the Macau news is an entirely free news service which mostly publishes online. You can read this online newspaper in both English and simplified Chinese. In this paper you will find a variety of regional news which can help you stay up to date on new tourism events, the economy, gaming offers and politics.

Macao daily Times (Macau times newspaper): this is an English daily newspaper based out of Macau. In this paper you will find sections about gaming and gambling throughout Macau, a section about China, the section about international affairs, politics, news, tourism, entertainment and more. This daily publication is one of the only printed English newspapers available throughout Macau is one of the biggest choices for travelers and people reading internationally about Macau.

Hoje Macau: this is a regular newspaper that’s available in Portuguese and simplified Chinese but not in English. It is one of the main choices for many local readers of Macau news.

Macau Post daily: the Macau Post daily is another English newspaper publication that features all of the news that you may need during a visit to Macau or if you would like to learn more about international affairs in Macau. You can access it via the website or through printed copies every day.

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Hard rock Hotel deals in Macau

The hard rock Hotel deals in Macau is an excellent spot to stay throughout a vacation in Macau. Located within the hard rock hotel is also several shops a casino as well as a world-class Café. The hard rock Hotel in Macau is located directly in the largest entertainment district called the Cotai strip.

With close location between Taipa and Coloane this version of the hard rock is extremely luxurious and attracts a world-class clientele from the casino. The cafés decorated with rock ‘n roll memorabilia from some the world’s most talented musicians. It also features world-class food and regular live acts for parties and special events as well as live concert event.

As you take in a meal at the Hard Rock Café you can enjoy looking around at some of the artifacts from rock artists like Wes Borland, Kiss, The Who and more. There are also a number of artifacts from local artists like Jay Chou and Paul Wong.

There is food to suit nearly any taste profile on the menu at the Hard Rock Café. Some the more popular options include the hard rock nachos, hickory smoked chicken wings, potato skins and of course the legendary burgers. The Hard Rock Cafe menu is extremely popular and there are many locations around the world. Not many feature the same level of luxury that the one in Macau does however.

Regular live bands appear the macau hard rock hotel deals cafe between 1030 and closing time so if you have a passion for live music this is a great place that you can visit in Macau for some world-class live performances.

If you love the Hard Rock Cafe and you’re interested in visiting another location you have to check out this version of the hard rock in Macau. It certainly doesn’t disappoint with a wide array of menu selections, live music, luxury decor and world-class rock artifacts.

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Shopping in Macau

If you plan on spending some time in Macau it you are interested in finding the best places to go shopping it’s important to consider that there are hundreds of potential chances to shop throughout Macau. With so many different casino resorts, busy streets and hotels you should be able to find something for nearly any taste profile. Here are some top tips for shopping in Macau.

  • Visit the Venetian: the Venetian is not only one of the world’s largest resort hotels and casinos but also one of the best places to shop in the world. The Venetian Macau creates the ultimate luxury shopping experience. Here you can find some of the most popular international brands as well as shop in a full re-create another Venetian street. Take the gondola to some of your favorite stores or walk though this unique shopping mall taking in duty-free products, antiques and world luxury brands.


What to buy in Macau:

  • Rua de St Paulo: alongside the street you will find some of the best shopping in Macau. He also get beautiful views of the ruins as you shop for unique experience in Macau. Although this is one of the more popular tourist areas there are plenty of excellent shopping opportunities up and down this street, includes macau shopping outlets.
  • Rua do Cunha: for some fantastic dining opportunities and some of the best street restaurants in all of Macau, you have to check into this area. Along the street you will find lots of different dining opportunities from authentic Portuguese sausage to the famous pork chop on a bun. As well as excellent street restaurant opportunities there are also plenty of retailers selling clothing, knickknacks and souvenirs.
  • The four seasons: the four seasons as many high-end luxury shops throughout its mall. If you are looking for international luxury brands this is another great stop after the Venetian mall macau.

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