How To Make Money By Flipping Domain Names

Today there are hundreds of ways of making money online. Among those methods of earning online, buying something for low and selling at higher price is the easiest one.

Making money by flipping domain names follows the same pattern and has become a very lucrative business. As with domain flipping you don’t need to carry any inventory, this makes the business more easier.

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Let’s face it, we all being bloggers try to find out possible ways to generate some extra income from the internet. review my today’s post is another portion of this very series of ways to earn from home.

I am sure you too started a blog with the aim of making money. You are not alone many others doing the same. But the truth is many fail to generate real passive income from their blogs.

It might the case you tried to monetize your blog with Adsense and got rejected. Your earnings with Adsense or other CPM networks are very low or simply your might be looking for easier way to earn real cash.

About Shorte.St!

As it is quite obvious from name, is link shortening service based in Europe. It’s similar to, I am sure you already know what the is. is far better than because it is linked with an Advertising Network and lets you earn money while referring shortened links.

This is actually the easiest and quickest ways to make money online, so continue reading!

Getting Started with

etting into is very easy. They accept almost every, so no fear of rejection her! Just follow the below simple steps to get started;

a. Go to
b. From the home page click on join link.
c. Just enter email, choose a password then click register.

That’s all, you’ve successfully signed up an account at Now go to your inbox and look for the activation email, click it and activate your account.

Yeah! Now start monetizing your links!

Key Features

1. Higher earnings compared to other similar networks
2. Instant approval, no rejection!
3. User-friendly interface
4. Highest paying Referral System
5. Real-time statistics to be aware about your earings.

How To Earn With lets you earn money with several ways. Contrary other networks you are not just restricted to earn by just shorten the links.

Here are some possible ways to Earn from;

You can earn by sharing your link on social media i.e., FB groups, Google plus, twitter etc.
You can shorten all your blog post links, when some asks for your blog or post, just share the shortened link. If you are a WordPress user then you can automate all the shortening process with help of Plugin. Join And Start Making Money!

Maximize Your Earnings!

You can maximize your earning with help of referral system. It gives 20% commission for every referral you bring.

Developers API

Simple JSON API for more advanced users. With API you can shorten links without placing any scripts on your website.

Full Page Script

This script will monetize your external links, thus making them profitable. Easy to use- copy and paste.

Social Share Widget

Have viral content that is shared all over the web? This tool will monetize every share your users make.

Bounce Rate Monetization

Have high bounce rate? Make use of this. This script will turn your bounce rate into profit.

WordPress Plugin

Do you have a WordPress Blog? Then be ready to automate the link-shortening using this plugin.

Mass Shrinker

Want to shorten more than one link at a time? This tool is for that purpose. Mass shrinker will let you shrink up to 20 links at a time.

There is another effective way to make money through They will provide you a unique referral id, you can use it with the awesome group of banners they are giving. Several sizes and several colors and apt for any areas on your blog. You can manually copy the URL of image and insert your unique id as a link. Are you too lazy to do that, then will provide you a ready-made code with image as well as your referral id as a link.

Rates And Payouts

There are no fixed rates available. Rate varies with the need of advertiser. But you can expect from $0.15- $7.78. Make sure to bring more traffic from U.S. and European countries. Because they have more conversion rates as well as the best payout.

This network possesses a threshold to withdraw money. That is not much high unlike the competitors, but only $5.

Currently supports WebMoney, Paypal as well as Payoneer. So have an account of either of these before starting with

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15 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs To Make Easy Money 2016

Are you looking for top recurring affiliate programs for making more money in this brand new year 2016? I’m sure you are! So, my today’s post contains some top quality affiliate programs with recurring commissions to help you earn more money in 2016. There are lot of affiliate programs which pay you recurring commission and help you make money on autopilot.

Recurring income means you will keep earning as long as the your referral stays with the affiliate or affiliate program. If you’ve selected a high quality product to promote then chances are more that your referred users will stick to that product for longer periods, hence making you more money. This doesn’t mean that recurring income is better than single affiliate payouts, as both have their own pros and cons.

Let me explain recurring income in detail; You refer a user to a product which require recurring monthly payment, you will be earning a fixed amount of money in commissions when your referred user pays his next monthly payment. Some recurring affiliate programs offer recurring commissions for a fixed period, for example one year. On the other hand many companies offer the same for lifetime.

Below are some of the top affiliate programs that offer recurring commission & will help you make you free money on autopilot while you sleep.


SEMRUSH is without doubt the best online SEO tool with great credibility and new set of advanced features. They are continuously adding more features every other week and making it more result oriented high end product.

One amazing thing about SEMRUSH is their affiliate programs has the high conversion rate and offers 40% recurring commission. They send affiliate payouts via paypal.

2. Revenuehits Affiliate Program

Revenuehits is one of the top Adsense alternative which is experiencing rapid growth these days due its instant approval, highest eCPM rates & easy tag set up. Their affiliate program offers recurring commission for every single user that signs up using your link. You will earn $100 per referred user and $10 for every new publisher you refer to Revenuehits Publisher Network when he earns $10. Afterwards, you will earn $40 when your referred publisher earns $50 and next you will pocket an additional $50 after your referred publisher hits his $100.

3. Elegant Themes Affiliate Program (WordPress Theme & Plugins)

Elegant themes is providing premium WordPress Themes and Plugins since many years. You will get 50% commission for every sale you generate, you will also earn commissions when your referred members renew their license. Their affiliate program offers high commission and pays off well.

Payment Method > Paypal

4. GetResponse Affiliate Program

Getresponse has turned into the greatest competitor and alternative to Aweber. They also pay high affiliate commission as compared to Aweber. Their affiliate program offers 33% lifetime commission which is awesome as per industry standard and they also offer 30 days complete free trial. It’s a good email marketing tool which you can promote. Minimum Payout is $50 and they pay via Cheque & Paypal.

5. Grammarly affiliate program

Grammarly is the best grammar checking tool that will make your writing better and easier. If you are a blogger, I’d suggest you to start using Grammarly right now. I bet you will thank me later.

Now the awesome thing is that you can make money by promoting Grammarly. It offers $25 activation bonus just for placing a banner on your site. You can earn $0.20 for every free registration through your referral link. If one of your referred users buys the premium plan, you will earn $20 more.

6. Infolinks affiliate program

Infolinks is an online advertising network that is helping many bloggers and website owners to monetize their online content with innovative ads. Now it is offering affiliate program for publishers. You will earn 10% of the earnings of your referred publisher to Infolinks for the next whole year (first 12 months).

7. SocialPilot (Social Media Tool)

SocialPilot is one of the best social media automation tools which is experiencing rapid popularity among bloggers & entrepreneurs. It helps you schedule updates across multiple social-media platforms. They offer 30% recurring lifetime commission which is pretty decent as they have both free & pro plan. You will additional income when your personally referred users upgrade from free to paid account.

Payment method is PayPal & Minimum Payout is $25. They also offer $10 a free signup bonus.

8. Viglinks affiliate program

Viglinks help you monetizes your blog or site by converting outgoing links into affiliate links. If you are unable to figure out which affiliate products to promote then Viglink will be very helpful.

VigLink referral/affiliate program offers you to earn 35% of their commission for the first year from your referred user.

9. Skimlinks affiliate program

Skimlinks is one of the best alternatives of VigLink. It also has a affiliate program. Whenever you refer someone to Skimlinks, you will get 35% of the commission Skimlinks earns with that publisher for first 12 months. The commissions will automatically be credited to your account.

10. ShareASale affiliate program

ShareASale is an affiliate network that helps bloggers & affiliate marketers make money by pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale programs. It has a merchant program that you can use to refer new affiliate and merchant. It offers $150 for each merchant and $1 for each affiliate that signs up through your links.

11. Bidvertiser affiliate program

Bidvertiser is a Pay Per Click advertising network like Google Adsense. You can make money with Bidvertiser by joining their affiliate program & referring both advertisers and publishers.

When a user signs as an advertiser and spends $10, you will get $5. When the same advertiser spends $50 more, you will get additional $50. When a user signs as a publisher and earns $10, you will get $10. When the same publisher earns $50 more, you will get additional $40. You will get paid through Paypal as soon as you make $10.

12. SponsoredReviews affiliate program

SponsoredReviews connects bloggers with advertisers. It helps advertisers to promote their services/products on right blogs and helps bloggers to earn cash. It also offers bloggers to earn more money by joining their affiliate program. You can earn up to $175 per advertiser and $90 per blogger referred.

13. iPage affiliate program

iPage web hosting offers a affiliate program to its user to earn a $35 credit for each referral. Whenever your referral enters your domain or username in the “Friend or website who referred you” field during sign up, you’ll receive $35 credit if s/he stays with iPage for 30 days.

14. Dropbox affiliate program

Dropbox is a file hosting service where you can keep your photos, docs, videos and other files. It is safe and easy to use. Dropbox offers 2 GB of space for free to its basic plan. Now the good news is, you can get up to 16 GB free space by referring your friends to Dropbox.

Yes, it has an awesome affiliate program. It’s a win-win deal. Whenever someone joins via your referral link and installs Dropbox, both of you will get 500 MB of bonus space.

15. Teespring affiliate program

Teespring makes it easier to create and sell custom t-shirts online. It offers you to make money by selling your own designed t-shirts. However, you can also make money by inviting your friends to Treespring. Whenever someone joins Teespring via your link and starts a new campaign, you’ll both earn $0.50 per shirt sold, up to $2500!

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