FotoJet Review : A Free Online Collage Maker & Editor

Today I am here with FotoJet Review. This review post will provide you all the information you need about this free online collage maker. This is one of the simplest photo editing tools available online. FotoJet is an amazing solution from PearlMountain Technology Co. making photo editing a breeze.

FotoJet allows you to edit photos, create collages, cards and so on, with great ease. It is undoubtedly, the best free online collage maker out there. It allows you to create a photo card or to create a collage using features such as the collage maker and create posters using the poster maker.

FotoJet Review : Key features of this Amazing Photo Editor

FotoJet is very easy to use online editor. Actually, creating a collage or a poster with FotoJet is a 3-step process. To get started, visit the website

#1: Choose a Design

  • Choose from 320+ perfectly designed templates to create your own collage.
  • Templates cover six styles : Modern, Classic, Art, Holiday, 3D and Creative.
  • More new templates will be made available continuously.

#2: Personalize your collage

  • Simply add photos from your computer or Facebook account.
  • Auto fill photos or manually drag and drop any photo to fill the collage frames.
  • Easy to replace photos and exchange them between different frames however you want.
  • Zoom and move a photo to make it fit properly within the frame.
  • Quickly flip, mirror, and rotate photos by 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Edit text and adjust the font, style, color, etc. to give your text an extraordinary look.

#3: Share & Save Your Collage

  • Save your collage as a JPG or PNG image if needed.
  • Directly share collage to your Facebook online.
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Park Shin Hye Is Talking About Her Picture that Is Attracting Attention Online

Park Shin Hye After attending the opening of a ‘Miu Miu‘ flagship store in Hong Kong on January 8th, a glamorous picture of Park Shin Hye from the event started spreading online.

The photo gained a lot of attention because Park Shin Hye was wearing a dress with a low V-cut showing her glamorous figure.

The picture was having a Weibo watermark, leading people to believe the actress uploaded it onto her own account.

Park Shi Hye commented: “Ha ha ha… To think that I get to hear I am glamorous because of the shadow and my hair… Should I laugh or should I cry?

She then tweeted “It’s not a picture from my Weibo.. There is no such picture on my Weibo, none!!

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Chinese Man Has The Shock of His Life When Meeting His Online Girlfriend

A 57 years-old man from Muling, Heilongjiang, China named Wang Pai (57) met a girl online and they started a long-distance relationship, both using fake identities.

After a while, the two decided to meet at a hotel, but what was meant to be a romantic date turned into the biggest shock of their life – the mysterious girl was actually his daughter in law.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the unfaithful wife had been followed to the hotel location by her husband, and the man’s son, Wang Jai.

Because of the shock, nobody managed to explain the situation, so, Wang Jai (the son) started to assault both of them until the police came to stop the fight.

After things have calmed down, Mr. Wang Pai declared: ‘We eventually agreed to meet for a romantic liaison, but when I opened the door I don’t know if she was more surprised or me. She turned round and ran off down the hallway straight into her husband, my son, who had been following her.’

Well, we wish Mr Wang Pai better luck next time. XD

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