A small traffic accident in Shanghai and the big pain after

A few days ago I was in a seemingly small traffic accident here in Shanghai. In previous posts I have written about the craziness of driving a scooter in this city, the fact that you as a driver really have to be awake and prepared for anything to happen, literally anything. I am grateful that this time I was not on the scooter but instead in the back of a car.

The car I was sitting in was driving a long peacefully when suddenly we were overtaken by a taxi. The back of the taxi touched the front of our car as the taxi was moving back into the lane. The taxi spun around and crashed into an iron cast fence. We ended up stopping abruptly against a big tree in the middle of the road after first crashing into the 30 cm high concrete base of the median strip.

I was sitting in the back with the seat belt on but still three days after the accident I can feel in my back, neck and head that something is not right. The impact on the body is much bigger than one can imagine.

I have been to the hospital and did a wide range of examinations and know that there are some damage to the vertebrae of the back and neck. I got some anti-inflammation tablets as well as some strong painkillers. Now it is a waiting game, 3-6 months and hopefully the pain will be gone.

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How To Recycle Old Blog Posts For More Search Engines Traffic

Most bloggers keep themselves busy in creating new blog posts for the purpose of driving more traffic from search engines. But they forget about the performance of their old blog posts. With the passage of time most of our old blog posts lose their ranking and as a result those posts get less traffic from search engines. Keep reading if you are experiencing this problem as well….

Track Performance Old Blog Posts Using Google Analytics

First of all monitor performance of your old blog posts using Google Analytics. With the help of Google Analytics you can easily check how your posts are performing over period of time. Here checking Organic Keywords reports is should be your main focus which is listed under Acquisition. After filtering this report by Landing page, you will have a clear idea of which posts are still doing well in search engines and which posts are losing rankings and search engines visibility.

Re-vitalize those Old Blog Posts

Now make a list of all those old blog posts that are not doing well in search engines. First select the blog post that is losing most amount of search engine traffic and start re-working on that post, your intention should be adding more value to it. As you already have idea of terms that specific post did well for in the past, start working on those terms and additionally some other relevant terms to help that post regaining ranking and traffic from search engines.

Encourage More Social Shares

If you already have huge social fan base then you can share your old blog posts that are interesting and have some value for your fans. Encourage your blogging friends to share your posts and in reply offer for sharing their posts to your fans. This mutual sharing practice works well for many bloggers, just remember to not over do this, otherwise it will become impact-less.

Start Building More Backlinks

Backlinks can definitely increase the ranking and exposure of your blog posts in search engines. You can drive more organic traffic to you old blog posts by building more backlinks. Find out the more dynamic ways of building backlinks to you old blog posts, you can give a try to following points for building quality backlinks.

Guest Blogging: Look up the top blogs in your niche that accept guest posts and start promoting your old blog posts through guest posting. Make sure you are not using the same anchor text while creating link to a blog post, think of using domain+keyword variation as anchor text.

Link To New Blog Posts: Start linking your old blog post to your new posts that you are creating on daily or weekly basis. This internal linking will give more exposure and visibility to your old blog posts.

Make Use of Popular Posts Section: Apart from this you can try out adding Popular Posts section in your footer or in the sidebar with the intention to drive more web traffic to your old blog posts. Use Google Analytics to track the performance posts added to popular posts section.

Use Old Blog Posts While Replying Comments

Start leaving valuable comments on some targeted blogs in your niche with an aim to promote you own posts. Reply some comments to your own blog using posts of you choice that you want to promote.

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The Shanghai traffic

Today I changed my daily routine and got up at 3:45AM, showered and took a taxi from where I live to our office here in Shanghai. Anyone who been to Shanghai or any other Chinese city know what the traffic is like here, basically at any time of day during the regular work hours the cars are standing still on most streets and roads in the city.

My route this morning takes about 2.5 hour if I do it in the morning around 9AM or in the afternoon around 4PM. This morning at 4:30AM it took only 25 minutes!

Check out this nice video about a classic traffic jam in Beijing that occurred a few years ago.

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